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Extra information “Barcelona Beauty I ” B13-2172224 EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Before this International Barcelona winner was definitively moved to Japan, the buyer agreed to couple this international winner to top quality hens of the Herbots breeding loft. Born out the coupling “Den Barcelona” x “Best Beauty” “Den Barcelona” FR07-3821176 – original Deu Philippe “Den Barcelona” won: 2009: 159 Provincial Perpignan 207 National Perpignan 1.561 International Perpignan

1,844b. 2,685b. 18,354b.


2010: 66 88 727

Provincial Pau National Pau International Pau

1,545b. 2,638b. 8,170b.


15 23 101

Provincial Marseille National Marseille International Marseille

1,030b. 1,857b. 10,333b.


80 Provincial Barcelona 151 National Barcelona 4.725 International Barcelona

1,972b. 3,057b. 26,066b.


25 36 78

Provincial Narbonne National Narbonne International Narbonne

1,326b. 2,064b. 12,605b.


International Barcelona



2011 :

2012 : 1

“De Barcelona ” is father to “F11-228233” “F11-228233” won

1 9

Club Treignac Provincial Treignac

499b. 4,694b.


“Best Beauty” B09-2203218 – original Herbots Gebroeders Proven breeding hen – mother of 1st Interprovincial Montluçon (529km) Is a daughter of “Son De Fenomenale” x “Belgium’s Best” “Son De Fenomenale” B04-5212588 – original Herbots Gebroeders Is a son of the famous “Fenomenale” “De Fenomenale” B99-5118824 won 1st National ace KBDB middle distance 1 Provincial Orleans 5,342b. 1 Provincial Limoges 1,497b. 1 Provincial La Ferté 1,131b. 1 Provincial Bourges 1,397b. 2 Provincial Argenton 2,115b. 42 National Bourges 23,952b. “Belgium’s Best” B04-2107226 – original Herbots Gebroeders Won: 1st National ace middle distance KBDB 2005 1 Provincial Chateauroux 1,357b. 1 Provincial Nevers 1,806b. 1 Toury 263b. 2 Interprovincial Chateauroux 4,218b. 2 Interprovincial Toury 2,265b. 2 Interprovincial Bourges 3,195b. 86 National Bourges 48,553b. Is a daughter of “Double Victory I” x “Black” “Double Victory I” NL02-5256959 Won 1st National NPO 15,744b. “Black” B99-2378876 Daughter of “1st National Brive” x “1st National Barcelona”

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B13 217222420131129102206