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Blue Blois


"BLUE BLOIS" WINS 7 PROV BLOIS 1,100 BIRDS ! A TOP HEN ON EVERY DISTANCE ! Extra information: "B13-2118309" Blue Blois - Original Goovaerts Marcel en Kristof Wins 7x /10 A tophen on every distance 3 7 3 10 14 44 125 407 14 32 161 431 1623

Blois Prov Soissons Pithiviers Bourges Prov Nat B2 Nat Soissons Issoudun Nat B2 Nat Argenton Nat

267p 1100p 215p 421p 526p 2621p 4016p 18478p 596p 592p 3340p 16115p 19303p

453km 199km 363km 466km

199km 492km


Is a daugther out the couple "B10-2090792" x "B12-2138306" "B10-2090792" Blue - Original Goovaerts Marcel en Kristof Brother of "B11-2146136" Blue - Original Goovaerts Marcel en Kristof Father of "B13-2118246" Mister Nevers 1 5 13 24 73 339 24 69 161

Nevers Nat B2 Nat Issoudun Prov Nat Chateauroux Nat B2 Nat

402p 2453p 11579p 592p 2224p 16615p 313p 1725p 12071p




Is a son of "B05-2079345" x "B04-2258008" "B05-2079345" Blue - Original Eric Goovaerts Topbreeder "B04-2258004" Blue witpen - Original Eric Goovaerts Top breeding hen

"B12-2138306" Geschelpt - Original Goovaerts Marcel en Kristof Is a daughter of "B05-2079369" x "B09-2095287" "B05-2079369" Geschelpte - Original Eric Goovaerts Father of 15 Nat La Souterraine 17005p "B09-2085087" Wit geschelpte Super breeding hen - Original Goovaerts Marcel en Kristof Mother of "B10-2090735" Geschelpte witpen 2 Prov. Ace pigeon little middle distance young birds KBDB '10 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 6 6 9

Pithiviers Momignies Pithiviers Pithiviers Nanteuil Pithiviers Pithiviers Marne Pithiviers Pithiviers Pithiviers Pithiviers Pithiviers Momignies

461p 275p 256p 244p 80p 360p 154p 316p 292p 154p 291p 453p 403p 218p

Father of "B13-2118313" Blue Blois 1 17 29

Pithiviers Blois Prov Bourges Prov

421p 1100p 2621p

"B10-2090734" Blue 3 4 8 8

Pithiviers Pithiviers Pithiviers Pithiviers

256p 292p 388p 192p

"B11-2146141" Mother of "B13-2118209" Miss All Round 22 48

Bourges Prov Gueret Prov

2621p 1316p


Argenton Nat B2


Mother of "B13-2118210" Golden Issoudun 71 121

Issoudun Nat Nevers Nat

16615p 11579p

"B12-2138271" 3 15 38 27 115 27 34

Pithiviers Poitiers Prov Nat B2 Gueret Prov Nat Nanteuil Pithiviers

337p 876p 2538p 1431p 15007p 1051p 1185p

Pithiviers Nanteuil Soissons Pithiviers Blois Prov Nanteuil

342p 199p 121p 883p 814p 3867p 1051p

"B12-2138272" 1 1 1 8 19 52 23

Daughter of "B01-6364730" x "B02-6205976" "B01-6364730" Geschelpte - Original Hugo Van Den Putte "B02-6205976" Wit Geschelpte - Original Hugo Van Den Putte Grandmother 1 Nat Gueret 16988p '12 Soeteweye and Son Grandmother 1 prov Blois Great-grandmother 1 Nat Limoges 17735p '12 Van Dijck - Van Dijck

B13 2118309 eng20140110114222  
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