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Extra information “La Souterraine Power” B13-2111139 – original Coel Matthias Pure top class bird ! Won

1 14


2,315b. 13,089b.



National Nevers



Is a daughter out the coupling “B12-2082125” x “B11-2090528” “B12-2082125” – original Coel Matthias Is a son of “B11-2092159” x “Nike” “B11-2092159” – original Matthias Coel Is a son of “Polle Sprint” x “Blue Thunder” “Polle sprint” B07-5100831 – original Paul Huls Grandson “De Sprint” – Albert Marcelis (24 x 1st – Olympiad bird Lièvin – 3rd and 5th national ace short distance KBDB) Is father of: “447-09”:

39 155

National Argenton National Bourges

23,900b. 37,357b.



National Bourges




National Argenton


Is grandfather of: ”528-12”:

43 153

National Bourges National Gueret

33,524b. 16,988b.


55 275

National Bourges Nat. La Souterraine

33,524b. 19,155b.

“Blue Thunder” B11-2090536 – original Matthias Coel “Blue Thunder” won: 1 10 2 5

ace young birds great middle distance Brabantse Unie National La Souterraine 16,665b. Blois 2,156b. Nevers 955b.

Is a daughter of “Sister De Zoon” – Albert Derwa

“Nike” B04-2182899 – original De Ruysscher Florent Won: 12 x 1st - 4 x 2nd – 8 x 3rd – 4 x 4th Is mother of: “B08-2002469”: 1st ace great short distance Heverlee and won several 1st prizes. “2027447-09”: 1st ace Great middle distance Brabantse Unie 2009 39 National Argenton 23,900b. 91 Vierzon 2,278b. 155 National Bourges 37,357b. Became grandfather of as well 1st ace Brabantse Unie ’11 and ’12. Is grandmother of: “B11-2090511”: 34 National Argenton 20,383b. 96 National Gueret 14,362b.

“B11-2090528” - original Matthias Coel Super performing hen ! Won: 1st ace young birds Great middle distance CFW 10 Nevers Provincial 955b. 71 Blois provincial 1,721b. 82 Bourges National 31,719b. 420 Argenton National 20,383b. Comes out the coupling “B07-2205868” x “B11-2092156” “B07-2205868” – origin l Patrick Lismont Is father of: “528-11”:


National Bourges



23 176

National Gueret National Bourges

16,988b. 33,524b.

34 96

National Argenton National Gueret

20,383b. 14,362b.

Is grandfather of: “511-11”

Also in the 3rd generation this top breeder gives top birds: Young bird “B12-2080593” won by Frederick Motton: 2 Pithiviers 112b. – 3 Nanteuil 1,891b. – 4 Toury 350b. – 7 Nanteuil 2,052b. – 7 Melun 228b. – 79 Gueret 1,708b. “B02-6477253” – original Janssen Brothers Is a daughter of “B99-6265183” x “B99-6559757”

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B13 211113920140127093630