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Extra information “Son Zwarte Olympiade” B11-2051340 – original Koen Van Roy Unique offer ! Daughter of Olympiad bird “Zwarte Olympiade” x “Inbred Dromer” “Zwarte Olympiade” B11-2051340 raced on the lofts of the brother of Koen namely Geert Van Roy Won: 1st Olympiad bird Category A Nitra 2013 3rd National ace KBDB middle distance old birds 2012 Won in 2012 1 3

Angerville Angerville

319b. 2,343b. (dubbeling Pajot)

1 7

Angerville Angerville

259b. 1,861b. ( Pajot)



258b. (Pajot)

2 5

Angerville Angerville

218b. 1,394b. (Pajot)



443b. (Pajot)

3 12

Angerville Angerville

262b. 2,051b. (Pajot)

3 22

Angerville Angerville

250b. 1,916b. (Pajot)

3 15

Angerville Angerville

133b. 927b. (Pajot)

8 94

Angerville Angerville

177b. 2,334b. (Pajot)

15 132

Angerville Angerville

279b. 2,021b. (Pajot)




1 1

Noyon Noyon

386b. 1,097b. (double)




Won in 2013



1,361b. (double)




8 29

Noyon Noyon

151b. 1,266b. (double)

8 22

Noyon Noyon

151b. 403b. (double)

12 15

Noyon Noyon

706b. 1,370b. (double)

19 101

Noyon Noyon

572b. 1,986b. (double)




Is a son out the coupling “Father Zwarten” x “Blue Dromer” “Father Zwarten” B07-2015310 – original Koen Van Roy strain: Soontjens “Blue Dromer” B10-2148828 Is a daughter of “Dromer 139” x “Daisy” “Dromer 139” B06-2017139 – 100% Gerard Koopman Is father of 4 x 1st prize Is grandfather of 12 x 1st prize Is a brother of “Dromer 208” “Dromer 208” is father of 5 x 1st prize Is a grandson of famous “Dromer” – De Rauw-Sablon

“Daisy” B07-2253204 – original Erik Limbourg Out “Blue Ace” x “Daughter “Marseille” “Blue Ace” B03-4290095: 2nd National ace Fond KBDB 2007 1st provincial ace Fond KBDB 2007 4 National zone Cahors 2,928b. 15 S-national Souillac 1,475b. 27 S-national Cahors 2,114b.

45 50 67

S-national Orange National Beziers S-national Brive

2,861b. 6,191b. 5,215b.

“Marseille”- original Aelbrecht

“Inbred Dromer” B12-2178440 – 100% Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “Jonge Dromer” x “Daughter Dromer” “Jonge Dromer” NL05-1936565 – original Gerard Koopman High class breeder ! Father of “Dromer 208” – father of 12 x 1st prize Father of “Dromer 139” – father of 4 x 1st prize Comes out the coupling “Den Dromer” x “Gameela” “Den Dromer” B99-4393519 – original De Rauw-Sablon Won: 15 73 84 93

Interprov. Argenton Interprov. Chateauroux Nationaal Bourges Provinciaal Bourges

7,452b. 6,832b. 12,161b. 3,575b.

Is grandfather of: “Miss Maniwan”: 1 nat. St. Vincent 25,870b. (Koopman) “Cornelis”: 1 International Limoges (Koopman) 2 national ace Fond KBDB 2007 (Limbourg) Cock of world famous “Bak 17” - Aelbrecht “Good Aim”: 3rd prize Sun City 2009 Is a son of top breeder “Freddy” x “Lieve” “Gameela” B98-6593439 – original Van Hove-Uytterhoeven Mother of: “Emira”:

1 National Orleans 3 Nijvel 9 Boxtel

10,825b. 2,402b. 13,496b.


4 Houdeng 14 Etampes

22,903b. 8,794b.


3 Sourdun 14 Etampes

13,426b. 8,794b.

“Country Girl” 1 Chimay 4 Sourdun 26 Ablis 35 Orleans

3,246b. 13,426b. 10,030b. 10,039b.


4,080b. 8,302b.

3 Maaseik 4 Sourdun

“Daughter Dromer” NL08-2048910 – original Gerard Koopman Is mother of: 1 1 1 1 1

Dourdan Noyon Dourdan Dourdan Noyon

1,926b. 1,071b. 344b. 155b. 111b.

Is a half-sister of “Daydream” “Daydream” won

1 70

Ablis Chantilly

8,519b. 12,742b.

Is of half-sister of “Milko” “Milko” is father if “Miss Maniwan” “Miss Maniwan” won 1st National St. Vincent 25,807b. Daughter of “Den Dromer” x “Miss Mookhook”

B13 206737220131226070946  
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