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Extra information “Son Big Mac” B12-9044061 – original Casaert Maurice and Gregory Superb son out the coupling “Big Mac” x “Illy” “Big Mac” B08-9044061 – original Casaert Maurice and Gregory Superb performing cock ! Won

1 3 25 26 33 67 71

Orleans Chateauroux National Bourges S-National Vierzon National Bourges National Argenton S-National Chateauroux

344b. 3,609b. 9,781b. 11,062b. 20,589b. 10,549b. 8,189b.

Is a son of “Adigo” x “B06-9130813” “Adigo” B07-9023098 – original Casaert Maurice and Gregory Son of “The Ace”: 1st National ace middle distance France Grandson base bird “Le Borgne” – Dedeyne “B06-9130813” Is a full sister of 3rd National Bourges 13,354b. Daughter of “Gamin” x “Soeur Daisy” “Gamin” B98-9147006 – original Casaert Won: 2 S-National Chateauroux 12,155b. 6 S-National Argenton 8,405b. “Soeur Daisy” B02-9050748 Sister of 19th National Bourges Is a granddaughter of “Joel” x “La Flamande” “Joel” B98-9116021 x “La Flamande” B98-6117073 are parents of: “Ines”: 1

La Souterraine


“Daisy”:1 2 4 19

Provinciaal Bourges S-Nationaal Bourges Nationaal (z) Bourges Nationaal Bourges

1,472b. 4,861b. 5,820b. 11,614b.

Is mother of “Down Jones” “Down Jones” won 1 S-National Chateauroux 11,526b. 3 S-National Vierzon 7,839b. “Nils”: 1 S-National La Souterraine 1 Provincial Bourges 18 National Bourges 6 S-Nat Chateauroux

3,482b. 2,050b. 11,875b. 12,992b.

“Hector” 1 Bourges 5 S-National La Souterraine

1,090b. 3,482b.


4 National Argenton



1 Cambrai 1 Chantilly 1 Chantilly

346b. 305b. 103b.

“Joel” x “La Flamande” are grandparents of: “Diego”: 1 National Argenton 1 Ecouen 1 Orleans 1 Toury 19 National Bourges

10,571b. 443b. 651b. 687b. 22,516b.

“Mélissa”: 1 S-National La Souterraine 8 National La Souterraine

5,154b. 17,814b.

2 3 3 4 4 6 7 7 7 63 9 9

140b. 211b. 228b. 710b. 381b. 915b. 304b. 826b. 1,679b. 19,373b. 139b. 228b.

“Tedd”: Chateauroux Chateauroux La Souterraine Etampes Nanteuil Montauban Bourges Dourdan Limoges National Limoges Montluçon Souillac

“Stan”: 6 National Chateauroux


“Maël”: 6 S-National Chateauroux


“Bomber”: 1 Pithiviers


“Max”: 10 National Chateauroux 18 National (z) Bourges

25,263b. 4,873b.


1 Nanteuil 1 Vierzon 1 Bourges 1 Pont 1 Argenton 73 National Bourges

363b. 240b. 375b. 231b. 252b. 30,742b.


1 Soissons 2 Vierzon 3 Nanteuil 4 Pont 6 Dourdan 9 Chateauroux

312b. 465b. 381b. 329b. 826b. 341b.


3 National Bourges


“Illy” B07-9023063 – original Casaert Maurice and Gregory Klasrijke prestatie duivin Won: 1 2 5 77

Dourdan Chantilly Bouillon Argenton

137b. 528b. 261b. 1,438b.

Is mother of 1st National (z) Argenton 8,935b. Is a daughter of “B06-9123167” x “B06-9123109” “B06-9123167” – original Casaert Is a half-brother of “Diesel” – strain Vandenabeele Gaby “Diesel” won a car in 2004 “B06-9123109 – original Casaert Won

1 7

Argenton La Souterraine

937b. 471b.

Is a daughter of “Matt” x “Florencia” “Matt” B04-9153277 – won 2nd Orleans 274b.

“Florencia” – strain Vandenabeele Gaby Is a granddaughter of “Nasdaq” “Nasdaq”B98-9147146 – Won: 1 National Souillac 7,154b.

B12 905665220131203115100  
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