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Extra information “Banieke” B12-2080031 – original Albert Derwa The Derwa birds have proven more than once that they are also very successful on a lot of other lofts. Last racing season good friend Matthias Coel won with an original Albert Derwa hen the 1st National Argenton against 19,303 young birds and this national winner was also the fastest of 32,045 birds Pigeon Bids offers you now the opportunity to purchase a full brother of this national winner ! Is a full brother of “B13-2111134”. “B13-2111134” won

1 National Argenton Fastest of 32,045b. 4 Momignies 6 Momignies 13 Salbris Provincial 34 Chateauroux Provincial 199 Bourges Provincial 352 Blois Provincial

19,303b. 123b. 167b. 629b. 1,209b. 2,781b. 1,164b.

Is a son out the coupling “NL10-3051805” x “B10-2162240” “NL10-3051805” – original Koen Minderhout (Westkapelle – NL) Is a son of “NL04-0421522” x “NL02-0208742” “NL04-0421522” – original Minderhout Koen Strain: Minderhout x Leutenez (breeding line “Maxima”) Won: 1e Allround Ace 2005 1e Ace Middle Distance 2005 “NL02-0208742” – original Minderhout Koen Strain: Minderhout (“Barney”) x Vandenabeele Won

1st Peronne 3,392b.

“B10-2162240” – original Willy Vos (Tielt-Winge) Is a daughter out the coupling “B07-4154060” x “B06-2122086” “B07-4154060” – 100% Marcel Aelbrecht. Breeding line “Bak 10” and “halfsister Patron” (“Patron” won 1st National ace Fond KBDB) “B06-2122086” – strain Surinx – Engels – Verhaegen – Flor Vervoort

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B12 208003120131128133611