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Extra information: “Daughter Bolleke” B11-3173274 – original Rik Cools Talent full hen out the coupling “Marco” x “Bolleke” “Marco” B07-3129276 – original Rik Cools Very good breeder Is a grandson of “Bliksem” x “Bieke” (daughter “Wittenbuik”) “De Bliksem” B98-3158062 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Won: 1 2 4 5 8

provincial Poitiers provincial Chateauroux provincial Ruffec provincial Perigueux provincial Poitiers

1,448b. 4,662b. 1,778b. 1,119b. 2,975b.

Famous grandchildren are : “Yvan” – Herbots Gebroeders 1st national ace middle distance KBDB 2009 4th national ace great middle distance KBDB 2008 “Paola” : 1st national Argenton 7,390 yearbirds in 2010 “Barnaby”

1st provincial Bourges year birds 2nd national Bourges 22,499b. 3rd provincial Argenton 3,387b. 3rd provincial Argenton 5,251b.

“Marieke” – Rik Cools 1st provincial ace Fond KBDB 1st national (z) Gueret 5,166b. “Harry” – Jan Hooymans 1st National ace WHZB Fond 2009 1 NPO Blois 5,553b. 1 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. 3 NPO Chateauroux 8,781b. “Bolleke” B10-3020226 – origineel Rik Cools Was the best year bird in 2011 on the lofts of Rik Cools Won: 1 5

Chateauroux Tours

359b. 518b.

5 6 6 6 7 8

Argenton Chateauroux La Souterraine Argenton Bourges La Chatre

360b. 4,072b. 314b. 297b. 952b. 249b.

Comes out the coupling “Pipo” x “Molleke” “Pipo” B09-3040107 Son out the coupling “Wittepenne Maurice” x “Dannae” “Wittepenne Maurice” B08-3035201 Casaert via Vandenabeele “Dannae” B02-3185288 Very good breeding hen Won

4 5

Tours 1,761b. Tours 1,829b.

“Molleke” B08-3037549 – original Rik Cools Best year bird 2009 Won

1 4 2 31 39

Provincial Argenton National Argenton Blois National Bourges Argenton

1,398b. 10,549b. 1,503b. 22,499b. 5,251b.

Is a daughter of “Kapoen” x “Tonia” “Kapoen” B07-3129273 Won: 1 3

Ablis Gueret

321b. 2,060b.

B11 317327420140603105617  
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