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Extra information “Michelangelo” B11-2047367 – original Kenji Schmitt Won

1st Ace Great middle distance Fond young birds 2011 77 358 670

National (z) Gueret National Argenton National La Souterraine

3,819b. 20,383b. 16,665b.

Is a son of “Michel” x “Blue 30” “Michel” B10-6219689 – original Michel Bartsoen Is a son of “Mr. Salbris” x “Gitane” “Mr. Salbris” B05-6078649 11 21 32 39 86

Prov. Salbris Prov. Blois Prov. Chateauroux Prov. Bourges Nat. La Souterraine

1,837b. 2,135b.

“Gitane” B07-6065505 Won

84 Provincial Le Mans 2,091b.

“Blue 30” B08-2028030 – original Kenji Schmitt Proven top bird ! Won

2 111 120

Bourges Bourges National Argenton National

255b. 15,508b. 6,410b.

Is a full sister of: “Owner’s Fault”:

1 2 6

Pithiviers Soissons Melun

333b. 367b. 171b.

Is a half-sister of “Torpedo Queen”:

2nd Best bird National on the last 4 national races

“Fast 60”:

1 2 6

Momignies Momignies Momignies

242b. 139b. 477b.






9 1

La Souterraine Soissons


Is a daughter of “Father Torpedo Queen” x “Half-sister Joy” “Father Torpedo Boy” B02-2235442 – original Schmitt Kenji Is father of top birds such as “Torpedo Queen” and “Owner’s Fault” Is the nest-brother of “Dragoon” “Dragoon”: won 1 x 1st and is mother of “Joy” (1st National Argenton year birds). Is a son of top hen “Xena” “Xena” B96-2222365 Mother of: “Broken”: 1st Ace Fond local ’06. Won on 7 weeks’ time 3.135km in first 10% , whereby 10th provincial Le Mans “D12” B05-2141212 – 2nd ace on national races in 2005. Won o.a. 119th national Vichy 11,022b. Is father of “Goodnight Gracie” 9 National C La Souterraine ‘07 against 5,105b. - 43 National La Souterraine ’07 against 19,058b. - 35 National La Souterraine ’08 against 4,659b. -60 National Gueret ’08 against 2,608b.), “Witten Harrie” (7 Sens 388b. – 534 nat. La Souterraine 13.965b. – 120 nat C 2.735b.) – “Route 66” (4 Dudelange 756b. – 7 La Souterraine 430b. – 38 Nat C La Souterraine 5.105b.) “Lost”: 4th Sens 1,135b. “Dragoon”: won 1 x 1st and is mother of “Joy” (1st National Argenton year birds). “Half-sister Joy” B07-2058370 – original Schmitt Kenji Is a half-sister of “Joy” “Joy” won 1st National Argenton Mother of above noted top birds Is a daughter of “Dirkske” x “Dragoon” “Dirkske” B06-2128048 – original Peeters Fabienne

Son of “het provinciaalke” (1st Provincial Bourges 2,949b.) Father of 71st National Argenton “Dragoon”: all information see above

B11 204736720140214120113