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"DE AS" WINS 1st ACE PIGEON MIDDLE DISTANCE OLD BIRDS 2012, 4 TIMES TOP 100 PROV ! Extra information: "B10-5174476" De As - Original Marc Bollen Wins 12x /10 and 4 x top 100 Provincial 2 37 159 4 27 144 4 219 4 38 85 430 6 8 91 281 11 12 219 389 13 379 707 773


192p 1.509p 3.888p 320p 2.914p 6.289p 243p 2.507p 83p 1.106p 2.671p 9.639p 103p 132p 926p 5.670p 134p 201p 2.507p 8854p 180p 5.491p 10.035p 16.325p

Prov Nat (z) Bourges Prov Nat (z) Montlucon Prov Bourges Prov Nat (z) Nat Nanteuil Issoudun Prov Nat Chimay Chateauroux Prov S.Nat Mettet Montlucon Bourges Argenton

S.Nat Nat Nat



543km 473km

267km 500km

116km 525km

80km 543km 473km 554km

"De As" is a son out the couple "B07-5129218" x "B08-5046671" "B07-5129218" Grandson Winston - Original Jos ThonĂŠ Topbreeder Father of "De As" : results see upstairs Father of "Rambo" 5 8 48

Nevers Argenton

Prov S.Nat Nat (z)

674p 2.785p 2.064p

74 95


Nat (z) Nat

4.335p 10.035p

Is a son of "B06-5150021" x "B05-5148753" "B06-5150021" Son Winston - Original Jos Thoné Is a son of "Winston" x "Daughter Napoleon" B03-5161395 Winston - Original Jos Thoné 1 Nat Ace Pigeon Short Distance KBDB '05 B00-5041519 Daughter Napoleon - Original Jos Thoné "Napoleon" is basisbreeder of Jos Thoné "B05-5148753" Halfsister Avril - Original Jos Thoné Halfsister of "Avril" 21x 1st Olympic Pigeon Short Distance Oostende 2007 1 Nat Ace Pigeon Short Distance LCB '05-'06-'07 2 Prov Ace Pigeon Short Distance KBDB '05 2 West European Ace Pigeon Short Distance Is a daughter of "Father Avril" x "Sugi" B01-5010600 Father Avril - Original Jos Thoné B99-5091083 Sugi - Original Jos Thoné Is mother of 3 nat Gueret 10.208p "B08-5054671" Granddaugter F16 - Original Marc Bollen Is a daughter of "Son F16" x "Granddaughter F16" "B01-5050728" Son F16 - Original Marc Bollen Son "F16"17x 1st and "F16" is a grandson Computer II Pros Roosen "B04-5246285" Granddaughter F16 Original Marc Bollen Is a daughter of "Son F16" x "Loockx Hen" "B01-5050728" Son F16 - Original Marc Bollen

"B01-5050745" Granddaughter Pantani Granddaughter Basicbreeder "Pantani" Wins 1 Nat Bourges 10.872p '98 1 Prov Bourges 2.936p 3 Prov Chateauroux 3.850p 5 Prov Argenton 2.619p 12 Prov OrlĂŠans 4.237p Olympic Pigeon Blackpool '99 Topbreeding hen and grandmother of "B10-5000230" Geschelpte 230 1 1 1 89

Gien Gien Gien S.Nat Jarnac

163p 66p 50p 4.579p

"B11-5065301" Messi 1 2 4 50 48

Vervins Gien Brive Nat (z) Brive Nat Tulle Nat

110p 111p 2.693p 8.331p 7.350p

B10 5174476 eng20140319111522