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Extra information “Pancha” B10-4323519 – original Chris Hebberecht Superb daughter out the coupling “Pancho Super” x “Mother Solo” “Pancho Super” B04-4437280 – original Hebberecht Chris Is a half-brother of “Ambiorix” “Ambiorix” won 19 307

National Barcelona ’05 National Barcelona ’06

12,998b. 11,802b.

Is a son of “Pancho” x “Mother Ambiorix” “Pancho” B99-4262210 – original Chris Hebberecht Won: 1 2 1 2

Provincial ace Fond KBDB 2004 National ace Fond KBDB 2004 Provincial Brive 3,226b. National Beziers 5,886b.

Is grandfather of top birds such as: “Jempy”, father of national ace “Ike” “Ike” (B08-4351119) 1 1 6 11 45 46

National ace KBDB Fond 2010 Provincial ace KBDB Fond ‘010 National Souillac 7,045b. National Limoges 10,448b. National Brive 16,815b. National Cahors 8,651b.

“Home Alone”: 1 prize Final One Loft Race Thailand 2008 “Spy”: 2nd prize Final race One Million Dollar 2009 (Vandenabeele) “Vip”: 5 10 17

National Montauban International Tarbes National Montauban

6,809b. 12,849b. 9,091b.


7 5 82

Provincial ace Fond KBDB ‘ 10 National Tulle 6,695b. National Limoges 10,448b.



National Tulle



46 79 83

National Tulle National Souillac National Montauban

“Mother Ambiorix” B95-4611489 – original Hebberecht Proven breeding hen “Mother Solo” B04-4217115 – original Hebberecht Chris Mother of “Solo” “Solo” won

3rd National Limoges 15,507b.

Is a daughter of “Grolder” x “Daughter Vedette” “Grolder” B98-4539669 – original Hebberecht Won

9 8 10

Nat (z) Montélimar Perpignan Castres

1,440b. 241b. 217b.

“Daughter Vedette” B00-4317153 – original Chris Hebberecht Daughter 75th National Beziers 6,522b.

6,695b. 7,597b. 9,091b.

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B10 432351920131212093525