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"MARCELLA 651" IS A PROVEN BREEDING HEN AND MOTHER OF 4th ACE PIGEON GOLDEN RING ITALY 2013 AND GRANDDAUGHTER "MARSEILLE" x "FIJN BLAUW" Extra information: "B10-4253651" Marcella 651 - Original Andre Verbesselt Proven breeding hen is mother of "IT123237-11" 4

Ace Pigeon Golden Ring Italy 2013

Results 2013 13 20 30 41 45 61 94 138

Brindisi Bari Cerignola Pescara Vasto Senigallia Tivoli Senigallia

302p 394p 538p 1427p 602p 1127p 1027p 2073p

782km 695km 600km 400km 461km 265km 378km 265km

Is a daughter out the couple "B07-4373752"x "B04-4099681" "B07-4373752" Son Perpignan - Original Marcel Aelbrecht Is a son of "Perpignan" x "Daughter Limoges" B97-4263065 De Perpignan - Original Marcel Aelbrecht This topracer wins 1 1 19

Nat (z) Cahors Vierzon Nat Perpignan

3476p 1395p 5852p

Is a son of "B95-4148261" x "B95-4148210" B95-4148261 Son Crack Original Marcel Aelbrecht "De Crack" wins 1 prov Cahors and 7 Nat Cahors 8856p B95-4148210 Halfsister Marseille - Original Marcel Aelbrecht

B03-4316043 Daughter Limoges - Original Marcel Aelbrecht Is a daughter of "De Limoges" x "Daughter Marseille" B91-4261261 De Limoges - Original De Rauw Sablon Superracer wins 1 4 17 22 73 154

Dourdan I.prov Chateauroux Marseille Nat Limoges Nat Marseille Nat (z) Bourges

204p 6140p 2932p 10765p 15078p 10156p

Son out basis couple "Albert" x "Paola" De Rauw - Sablon Is grandfather of : "Lucky 85" 1 National Ace Pigeon L.D. KBDB 2006 with Erik Limbourg "Dromer" Superbreeder C & G Koopman "Broer Dromer" is father of 1 National Ace Pigeon L.D. KBDB 2005 "Mr.Expensive" is father of 1 National Orléans 9,670p with C & G Koopman B02-4333309 Daughter Marseille - Original Marcel Aelbrecht Daughter topcouple "Marseille" x "Fijn Blauw" Wins 54 198

Nat Argenton Nat La Souterraine

Famous children of “Marseille” x “Fijn Blauw” are : “Super Marseille”

17010p 13709p

30 65 86

Nat Brive Nat Cahors Nat Cahors

20310p 6654p 9275p

Nat Cahors Nat Brive Nat Argenton Nat Brive Nat Limoges

9275p 20310p 17010p 7446p 13502p

"Crack 308" 16 31 34 62 98

"Favoriet Marseille" 52

Nat MontĂŠlimar


"015-00" 24

Nat Beziers

Famous grandchildren are : "Patron" 1 National Ace Pigeon L.D. KBDB 2003 1 1 4 7

Prov Chateauroux Prov Chateauroux Prov Tours Nat (z) Brive

1201p 1019p 2055p 6727p

Nat Marseille Nat Beziers Nat Perpignan

5684p 3539p 7611p

Nat Irun


"049-01" 21 33 68 "De Irun" 32 "De St.Vincent" 22 218 247 483

Nat St.Vincent Nat Argenton Nat La Souterraine Nat Gueret

6521p 14534p 13965p 10670p

"Grandson Marseille" 1 "Rhone Man"

Nat (z) Argenton


16 115

Prov Argenton Nat Aurillac

"B04-4099681" Daughter Marseille x Fijn Blauw - Original Marcel Aelbrecht Daughter super breeding pair "Marseille" x "Fijn Blauw" B93-4429362 Marseille - Original Marcel Aelbrecht B98-4185270 Fijn Blauw - Original Marcel Aelbrecht Breeding results see upstairs

6269p 6611p

B10 4253651 eng20140305112339