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Extra information “Flying Expectations” B10-2182156 – original Kenji Schmitt Won

1 4 7

La Souterraine National (z) La Souterraine National La Souterraine

376b. 3,923b. 17,017b.

7 121

Gueret Nationaal (z) Gueret

160b. 9,512b.

10 105

Bourges National (z) Bourges

934b. 9,512b.







Is father of “Daughter Flying Expectations” “Daughter Flying Expectations” B11-2047387 Won

184 447 1238

National La Souterraine National (z) Argenton National (z) Gueret

16,665b. 3,819b. 10,028b.

Is a son out the coupling “Mighty Man” x “Beauty of Aces” “Mighty Marcel” NL09-1103972 – original Marcel Sangers Is a son of “Machine Gun” x “Yria” “Machine Gun” NL99-5918273- original Sangers Marcel Won: 1 2 3

St. Ghislain Chantilly Tessenderlo

9,366b. 1,041b. 12,292b.

Is father of:

“Jackpot”: 1st National NPO Orleans 18,127b. “Black Label”: 5th National NPO Orleans 18,127b. “Thunderboy”: 6th National NPO Blois 8,313b.

“Yria” NL07-1445418 – original Sangers Marcel Won 96th NPO Peronne 6,346b. Is a daughter of “Dark Gun” x “Advanced” “Dark Gun” NL97-2562693 – Original Sangers

Full brother of “Young Gun” (1st National ace Short distance The Netherlands 1999) “Advanced” NL02-2373074 – original Gerard Koopman Daughter of “Jacco” x “Sister Noble Blue” Is mother of “Great Darius” (1st Houdeng 8,483b.) and “Maximus” (1st Strepy 1,542b.) “Beauty of Aces” B08-2028091 – original Schmitt Daughter of “Vic-Power” x “Schoon Geschelpt” “Vic-Power” B07-2056548 Won

1st Ace Fond local 206 National Argenton 20,844b. 40 Nat. (z) La Souterraine 5,105b.

Is a son of “Forty Four” x “Vic’s Darling” “Schoon Geschelpt” B05-5143721 Won

1st Provincial ace KBDB Limburg 2005 72 Nat. La Souterraine 15,406b. 136 Nat. Bourges 32,762b. 140 Nat. Argenton 21,299b.

Is a daughter of “Kleine Black Arrow” x “Schoon Floreke” “Kleine Black Arrow” B01-5241962 – full brother of “Monnik” (father of 1st Olympiad bird Ostend Allround 2007) “Schoon Floreke” B02-5016358 – half-sister of “Aline” (1st National Argenton 20,538b.) and of “Tim” (3rd National Argenton and 2nd Provincial Orleans)

B10 218215620140214114828  
B10 218215620140214114828