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Extra information “Gella” B09-3185303 – original Devriendt Jozef Is a half-sister of “Maxim” “Maxime” B05-3226207 – original Devriendt Jozef Won, without doubles, 14 prizes with following top results: 1 104

National Chateauroux National Cahors

20,330b. 7,347b.

Is father of “Gill” “Gill” B11-3053225 – original Devriendt Jozef Won: 2 13

National Pau ‘013 International Pau ‘013

2,075b. 8,576b.

Is a daughter of “Barca” x ”Sister 1st National Souillac” “Barca” B00-6308179 – original Jozef Devriendt Classified himself 3 x on Barcelona and 2 x on Perpignan In 2004 “Barca” had to win normally 1st national Barcelona but the control ring was clocked too late and therefore “Barca” was not classified as 1st national but on the time of his control. Still good for 1st provincial and 10th national ! Won: 1 10 24 27 44 62 441 472 1556 4173

Provincial Barcelona ‘04 National Barcelona ’04 International Barcelona ’04

1,822b. 12,245b. 24,914b.

Poitiers Limoges Perpignan National ’03 Barcelona Provincial ’05 Barcelona Provincial ’06 Barcelona ‘03 Perpignan International ’04

651b. 1,410b. 7,537b. 1,936b. 1,622b. 11,806b. 17,570b.

Later he received a box on the breeding loft and became father and grandfather of: “Maxim” (son): 1st National Chateauroux 20,330b. “Gil” (grandson): 2e National Pau ‘013 – 2,075b. “204/05”: 10th Montélimar 122b. in ’09, and 21st Barcelona 252b. , 709th Nat 11,484b., 1850th Int. nat Barcelona 23,708b. in ‘08

“207/05”: 5th Cahors 179b., 39th Prov 1,044b. and 104th Nat Cahors 7,347b. in ’09, 201st Prov. 2.010b. and 1.100th Nat Bourges 19,084b. in ‘08 “227/05”: 12th Chateauroux 185b., 18th Perpignan 226b. in ’09, 1393rd Nat Bourges 19,084b. in ’08, 7th Marseille 115b. , 70th against 1,115b. and 564th Int. nat Marseille 13,958b. in ‘08 “540/05”: 10th Montauban 165b. and 548th Nat. 7,203b. in ’09 “643/06”: 1st Tarbes 107b., 94th Nat 4,822b. and 200th International Tarbes 12,849b. in ‘09 “726/06”: 28th Ablis 469b., 5th Narbonne 107b., 192nd Nat Narbonne 7,156b. in ’09, 6th Angouleme 299b. and 38th Prov. 2,070b. in ’08, 18th Narbonne 203b. and 342nd Nat. Narbonne 6,801b. in ‘08 “802/06”: 32nd Ablis 469b., 269th Prov .Tours 2,739b., 725th Nat. Brive 17,456b. in ‘09 “090/07”: 26th Argenton 267b., 9th Limoges 133b., 18th Limoges 190b. in ‘09 “094/07”: 7th Arras 325b., 12th Tours 156b. and 101st Prov. 1,495b, 8th Limoges 133 b. and 495th Nat. Limoges 6,138 Two-year., 13th Limoges 190b. and 842nd Nat. Limoges 11,869b. in ‘09 “705/07”: 3rd Limoges 101 b. en 28th Prov. 2,216 b., 1030th Int.nat Tarbes 12,849b. in ‘09 “712/07”: 8th Pau 438b., 17th Nat. 1,984b. and 50th Int.nat Pau 7,608b. in ‘09 “725/07”: 270th Prov. Tours 2,739b., 29th Nantes 438b. in ’09, 21st Tours 268b., 1st Nantes 367b. and 1st Nantes 427b. in ‘08 “741/07”: 8th Limoges 101b. and 101st Prov. 2,216b., 8th Souillac 108b. in ‘09 “854/07”: 24th Arras 325b., 1st Poitiers 263b. and 10th Prov. 2,099 old, 3rd Prov. 470 Two-year “161/08”: 24th Soustons 385b. and 557th Nat. 9.442b., 796th Nat. Libourne 8,723b. in ‘09 “805/08”: 10th Limoges 276b., 295th Prov. 3,326b. and 1348th Nat. Limoges 16,893b. in ‘09 “848/08”: 27th Argenton 304b., 523rd Prov. 5,251b. in ‘09 “876/08”: 16th Ablis 255b., 7th Limoges 276b., 230th Prov. 3,326b. and 1049th Nat. Limoges 16,893b., 35th Tulle 718b. and 73rd Nat. Tulle 7,467b. in ‘09

“822/08”: 6th Poitiers 135b. and 86th Prov. 1,147b. in ‘09 “910/08”: 3rd Nantes 69b. and 14e van 464b. in ‘09 “043”: 19th Tours 254b. and 163rd Prov. 3,135b., 24th Bourges 347b. and 794th Nat. 19,084b., 30th Tours 322b., 13th Montauban 136b. and 111th Nat. Montauban 5,438b. in ’08, 6th Souillac 197b. and 45th Prov. 1,291b. in ’07, 6th Tours 104b. and 99th Prov. 1,672b., 121st Prov. Poitiers 1,309b. in ‘06 “Sister 1st National Souillac” B07-4022498 – original Johan Tant (Olsene) Full sister of 1st National Souillac ’06 against 6,475b. by Tant Johan

B09 318530320131203112621  
B09 318530320131203112621