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Extra information “Inbred Lichte Vic” B09-2046625 – original Kenji Schmitt Is by Guido Loockx father of “B13-2063150” “B13-2063150” won

15 Nanteuil 118 Bourges 1.245 Bourges National

852b. 1,457b. 18,478b.

266km 479km

Son out the coupling “Last Vic” x “Seven Up” “Last Vic” B07-2058380 – 100% Claes Patrick Is a son of “Lichte Vic” x “Impressive Star” “Lichte Vic” B92-6617819 – original Claes Patrick Won : 3rd Ace local Is father, grandfather and great grandfather of a lot of top birds “Impressive Star” B01-6515653 – original Claes Patrick Daughter of “Ronaldo” x “Crack duivin” “Ronaldo” B97-6205308 Won

1 Provinciaal Bourges 3,010b. 7 Provinciaal Orleans 4,998b 2 Noyon 867b. 5 Noyon 1,153b.

“Crack duivin” B95-6582510 Daughter of “Lichte Vic” 1st Ace Middle Distance Lier ‘95 2nd Ace Middle Distance Lier ‘96 “Seven up” B07-2056507 – original Schmitt Is a daughter of “Forty Four” x “Vic’s Darling” “Forty Four” B02-2235444 Father of 1st prize winners “Vic’s Darling” B05-2141230 – 100% Claes Patrick Is mother of :

“Vic Power”:

1st Ace Fond local 206 National Argenton 20,844b. 40 Nat. (z) La Souterraine 5,105b.

Is grandmother of: “Goodnight Gracie” 9 National C La Souterraine ‘07 against 5,105b. - 43 National La Souterraine ’07 against 19,058b. - 35 National La Souterraine ’08 against 4,659b. -60 National Gueret ’08 against 2,608b. “Route 66”: 4 Dudelange 756b. – 7 La Souterraine 430b. – 38 Nat C La Souterraine 5.105b. Is a daughter of “Lichte Vic” x “Demi”

B09 204662520140214114442