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BE13-3030183 – HEN – Original Wilfried Vandemaele – Heule SISTER “JONGE LIMOGES” – 1ST NAT. (z) LIMOGES 6.810p. , 1. PROV. LIMOGES 3.079p. & 24 NAT. LIMOGES 14.211p. DAUGHTER “MISTER BLUE SKY” x “LADY JANE”. FROM THE LINE OF THE “VITAL” – 1 NAT. ACEPIGEON FOND K.B.D.B. Extra information. BE13-3030183 – original Wilfried Vandemaele – Heule Daughter of BE08-3067045– “Mister Blue Sky”- x BE08-3067101 – “Lady Jane” BE08-3067045– “Mister Blue Sky” – original Wilfried Vandemaele – Heule Father of “Jonge Limoges” – 1st Nat. (z) Limoges 6.810p. Son of BE06-3002088 x BE04-3234398. Won 1. Club Tours 214p. 5. Club Tours 266p. 78. Prov. Tours 2.470p. 84. Prov. Chateauroux 6.254p. 136. Nat. Chateauroux 17.109p. BE06-3002088 – “Broer Orleans”. Grandson 5. Nat. Limoges. Grandson 78. Prov. Blois 7.171p. 22. Prov. Tours 1.731p. Inbred to “Gina” – very important breeding hen!!! Sister of “Berline”: 2. Nat. Bourges 3.397p. 9. Nat. Argenton 3.230p. BE04-3234398 – “Beauty Queen”. Halfsister of “Super Blue Ace” Won 4 x TOP-100 National. 88. Nat. Bourges 22.499p. 88. Nat. Limoges 16.693p. 41. Nat. Souillac 7.045p. 57. Nat. Tulle 6.695p.

BE3067101– “Lady Jane” – original Wilfried Vandemaele – Heule Mother of “Jonge Limoges” – 1st Nat. (z) Limoges 6.810p Daughter of BE05-3099029 x BE06-3112716. BE05-3099029 – “Broer Pijl”. Is a son of BE00-3270675 x BE02-3149057. Is a full brother of the “Pijl”: Won 1. Prov. Chateauroux 5.187p. 1. Prov. Bourges 902p. From the line of the Vital – 1st Nat. Acepigeon Fond K.B.D.B. & the “Wittenbuik” – Gaby Vandenabeele. BE00-3270675 – “Blauwe Noel”. Halfbrother of “Figo” – Olympic Pigeon origine Noël Lippens. Very important breeder with a lot of successful descendants! BE09-3185804 – “Den Bonten” won: 1st Prov. Orange West-Flanders 2012!!! Won 2 x TOP-100 National! 21. Nat. St. Vincent 3.786p. 60. Nat. Orange 4.443p. BE12-3053732 - “Robby” won: 1. Club Bourges 1. Prov. Bourges 1. Nat. (z) Bourges

382p. 1661p. 1664p.

BE11-3172032 - “Cassius” won: 1. Club Montlucon 1. Prov. Montlucon 1. Nat. (z) Montlucon

514p. 2360p. 2646p.

BE12-3053754 – “Julius” won: 1. Prov. Brive 6. Nat. Brive

1235p. 6842p.

BE09-3127216 – “Jonge Limoges” won: 1. Nat. (z) Limoges 6.810p. 1. Prov. Limoges 3.079p. 24. Nat. Limoges 14.211p.

BE12-3041931 - “Agen” - Joel Verschoot 1. Nat. Agen 5313p. BE11-3011390 – “Adele” – Kurt & Raf Platteeuw: 3. Prov. Acepigeon Great Middle Distance 2011. 2. Prov. Acepigeon Great Middle Distance 2012. 3. Prov. Acepigeon Great Middle Distance 2013.

BE02-3149057- “Tinneke van Heule”. Very important breeding hen!!! BE06-3112716 – “Molenaarke”. Halfsister Hamiliton – 1. Prov. Acepigeon Great Middle Distance K.B.D.B. – Marc Pollin (Snellegem) Daughter 1. Prov. Nantes 1.498p.

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