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Extra information “Jules” B11-2138539 – original Deno-Herbots Won 21 prizes in 2 seasons whereby: 16 77 43 548

Argenton Argenton Nationaal ‘012 Toury Argenton Nationaal ‘013

2,398b. 7,046b. 2,128b. 16,325b.

Is a son of “Blauwe Sapin” x “Daughter Lokker 1” “Blauwe Sapin” B06-2090458 Is a son of “B01-2183910” x “B05-1508684” “B01-2183910” – brother 1st provincial ace middle distance 2002 “B05-1508684” Is mother of “Pritz” “Pritz” won 1 1 8 10 13 18

National Bourges Toury Toury Toury Toury Toury

“Daughter Lokker I” B09-1504989 “Lokker I” B02-4017140 Won 11 x 1st . Is father of several 1st prize winners

11,801b. 2,342b. 1,541b. 2,079b. 2,079b. 1,175b.

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