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Extra information “Daughter De Barcelona” B12-2177079 – original Herbots Gebroeders Won, without doubles, 11 prizes whereby: 32 36 68

Orleans Toury Toury

378b. 2,360b. 1,906b.

Is a daughter out the coupling “ De Barcelona” x “Granddaughter Nationaal I” “De Barcelona” NL04-2067753 Won: 1st National Barcelona 7,300b. – The Netherlands Is a son of “Son Lamme” x “Sister Rode Nero” “Son Lamme” NL02-2075560 – Van Ophuizen-Marel “Sister Rode Nero” NL02-2075652 – sister of 2nd International Perpignan 17,653b. “Granddaughter Nationaal I” B04-2107217 Is a sister of 1st provincial ace KBDB Is the mother of 3rd provincial ace KBDB Allround Is a granddaughter of “Nationaal I” (Schellens/Herbots)

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