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Extra information “Den 103” B13-2145103 – original Deno-Herbots Is a son out the coupling “29-Bender” x “B12-6298784” “29-Bender” B12-2015229 – bought as egg by Rolf Bender, 2nd loft Gommaire Verbruggen Won 8 prizes whereby 13 56 93 123

Nanteuil Bourges Pithiviers Toury

330b. 2,310b. 1,773b. 1,906b.

Is a son of “DV02065-09-260” x “DV0265-11-3” “DV02065-09-260” – 100% Gommaire Verbruggen Is a son of “Gute Sheena” x “Schöne 448” “Gute Sheena” DV02065-03-478 Line “020” and “Teen” Verbruggen Gommaire “B12-6298784” – original Maurits Hasendonckx Daughter out “B10-6224163” x “B09-6174267”

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