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Extra information “Son Britt” B13-5061636 – original Van Hertem-schuurmans Is a daughter of “Son Jelle” x “Britt” “Son Jelle” NL08-1621770 – original Gebroeders Scheele Bought as a late bred – went immediately to the breeding loft and became a base bird. Is a son of “Jelle” x “Leila” “Jelle” NL06-1152271 – original Gebroeders Scheele “Leila” NL06-0750754 – original Gebroeders Scheele “Britt” B10-5120168 – original Van Hertem-Schuurmans Superb racing hen ! Won

Olympiad bird Nitra 2nd National ace KBDB Great middle distance 2012 1 27 352

Bourges Provincial Bourges National (z) Bourges National

2,914b. 6,289b. 20,589b.

1 1 1

Chateauroux Chateauroux CFW Chateauroux C/O

2,507b. 4,386b. 8,852b.

3 16

Argenton Provincial Argenton National (z)

620b. 2,064b.

6 10 20

Montluçon Provincial Montluçon National (z) Montluçon National

1.911d. 5.076d. 17.865d.

6 7 7 8 9 9 16 72

Chimay Melun Gien Melun Chimay Gien Provincial Gien Provincial Bourges National (z)

3.567b. 440b. 736b. 1,252b. 767b. 6,872b. 2,891b. 2,500b.

Is a daughter of “B07-5010521” x “B05-5119344”

“B07-5010521” – original Van Hertem-Schuurmans “B05-5119344” – original Van Hertem-Schuurmans Won

1 2 3 7 29

Bourges Chimay Nanteuil Mettet Nanteuil

100b. 601b. 462b. 861b. 2,189b.

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