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Extra information Unique opportunity to purchase a granddaughter of “Wittenbuik” (Vandenabeele Gaby)! Is a half-sister of “Hero” “Hero” won

1 4 23

National (z) Tulle Brive National Tulle

2,657b. 1,448b. 7,467b.

Nanteuil Orleans

446b. 2,452b.

Is a half-sister of “794-10” “794-10” won 1 6

Is a daughter of “Son Wittenbuik” x “Half-sister Iris” “Son Wittenbuik” B00-3200704 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Is father of: “Hero” : all information see above “794-10”

1 6

Nanteuil Orleans

466b. 2,452b.

Is a son of “Wittenbuik” x “Rosanna” “Wittenbuik” B88-3206112 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Won: 1 1 1 2 4 11

Angoulème Limoges Poitiers Poitiers Poitiers Poitiers

2,450b. 2,309b. 2,713b. 1,435b. 921b. 1,438b.

Is a son of “Kleinen” x “Flicka” “Rosanna” B95-3335678 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Daughter “Ronker” (1st national Limoges) Brother B11-2122539 is by Leroy Frères (Racour) father of B12-1523753 Won: 1




Argenton I Pr



Argenton Nat 6,795b.



753 d.

“Half zus Iris” B09-2231013 – original Deno-Herbots Is a half-sister of top hen “Iris” “Iris” B09-2100501 won: 1 1 3 3 5 7 10

interprovincial Chateauroux Vervins Nanteuil Nanteuil Moulins Bourges Blois

3,311b. 117b. 299b. 188b. 1,356b 2,501b. 1,164b.

Is mother of “De Limoges”: 1st National Limoges ‘013 against 14,263b. Is a daughter of “Felice” x “Blauw Figoken” “Felice” B06-2094459 – Deno-Herbots Is a brother of “Fabricio” “Fabricio” won: Without doubles, 44 prizes whereby 29 x 1/10 1 3 6 8 18 26 35 55 82 101 151 343 392

Momignies Laon Toury National Argenton ‘09 Toury Argenton S-National Montluçon National Bourges ’08 Chateauroux National Argenton ’07 National Bourges ’09 National Bourges ’09 National Argenton ’08

101b. 110b. 3,043b. 9,901b. 2,898b. 1,850b. 7,302b. 11,875b. 2,847b. 5,927b. 27,506b. 11,756b. 5,208b.

“Blauw Figoken” B06-3148311 Line national Bourges winner “Figo” (Reynaert Antoon en Hilde)

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