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Extra information “Granddaughter Weerlicht” B13-2145178 – original Deno-Herbots Won




Is a daughter of “Son Weerlicht” x “Half-sister Yvan” “Son Weerlicht” B11-6340687 – original Baeck John en Jan “Weerlicht” B07-6048534 – original John en Jan Baeck Olympiad bird Poznan short distance 2011 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 5 5 9 9 11 12 12

Dourdan Noyon Noyon Dourdan Quievrain Noyon Marne Noyon Noyon Melun Toury Etampes Marne Noyon Dourdan Pithiviers Dourdan Quievrain Noyon

1,097b. 721b. 274b. 683b. 509b. 347b. 312b. 81b. 308b. 978b. 813b. 1,040b. 325b. 273b. 978b. 536b. 888b. 1,434b. 1,203b.

Is father of “Bulls Eye” “Bulls Eye” B09-6160031 : 5th ace “grensverbond” yearbirds Is grandfather of “NL10-3013064” “NL10-3013064” won: 1 3 4

Orleans Creil Sens

“Half zus Yvan” B11-2122408 – original Deno-Herbots. Is a half-sister of national ace “Yvan” “Yvan” (B07-2103401 – raced by Herbots Gebroeders)!

1,698b. 2,776b. 19,110b.


1st national ace KBDB ½ Fond 2009 4th national ace KBDB >1/2 Fond 2008 2nd provincial ace > ½ Fond 2008


19 x prize in 2008 (in total 6,800 prize kilometers) 17 x prize in 2009 (in total 5,940 prize kilometers). 1 interprov. Salbris (437km) (8 min. in advance - fastest of 4,774b.) 1 interprov. Orleans (396km) 1 Melun (295km) 1 interprov. Toury (372km) 1 Argenton (538km) 1 Nanteuil (250km) 1 Pithiviers (360km) 1 Momignies (110 km) 7 interprov. Chateauroux (509km) 9 interprov. Argenton 16 interprov. Montlucon 20 interprov. Bourges 21 interprov. Toury 32 semi-nat. Chateauroux 43 interprov. Chateauroux 52 interprov. Orleans 54 interprov. La Souterraine 57 nationaal Argenton

2,281b. 3,132b. 1,946b. 781b. (fastest of 3,256b.) 434b. 253b. 172b. 130b. (4 min. in advance) 2,995b. 2,804b. 1,570b. 1,224b. 1,212b. 9,030b. 1,817b. 1,058b. 1,174b. 6,177b.

Became on the breeding loft a real top breeder: Is father of: “Yvonne” B11-2186136 1 6 41 7 16 31

Toury Interprovincial Bourges Nationaal Bourges Interprovincial Argenton Interprovincial Moulins Interprovincial Montluçon

299b. 3,387b. 14,598b. 3,447b. 3,044b. 3,297b.

“Yvana” B10-5042876 3 22 43 49 60 61 86 “B11-2186514”

Interprovincial Bourges Interprovincial Argenton Interprovincial Nevers Interprovincial La Souterraine Interprovincial Montluçon Interprovincial Chateauroux National Argenton

1,094b. 1,115b. 1,381b. 2,020b. 2,366b. 3,199b. 4,126b.


Final race One Loft Race “German Dreamboys”

Born out the coupling “Venus“ (B04-3230936) X “ Lovergirl ” “Venus” B04-3230936 – original Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem) Is a son of superb “Bliksem” x “B00-3200601” “Bliksem” B98-3158062 Won: 1 2 4 5 8

provincial Poitiers provincial Chateauroux provincial Ruffec provincial Perigueux provincial Poitiers

1,448b. 4,662b. 1,778b. 1,119b. 2,975b.

Is father of top breeder “Blauwen Bliksem” – Deno-Herbots Is grandfather of: “Super Romeo” B12-3088052: 1st National ace Fond yearbirds KBDB 2013 “Harry” – Jan Hooymans 1 National ace WHZB Fond 2009 1 NPO Blois 5,553b. 1 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. 3 NPO Chateauroux 8,781b. “Yvan” – Herbots Gebroeders 1st national ace middle distance KBDB 2009 4th national ace great middle distance KBDB 2008 “Paola” : 1 national Argenton 7,390 year birds in 2010 “Barnaby” 1 provincial Bourges yearbirds 2 national Bourges 22,499b. 3 provincial Argenton 3,387b. 3 provincial Argenton 5,251b. “Marieke” – Rik Cools 1st provincial ace Fond KBDB 1st national zone Gueret “Ballon” – Hennes Kristiaan


1st Interprovincial Argenton Fastest of 8,961b.


“Gil” – Gommaire Verbruggen 1st National Bourges ’06 against 11,252b. “Gordi” B93-6228543 won: 8e National Limoges 18,608b. “Geisha”(Deno-Herbots) 4th national ace great ½ F KBDB 2009 3rd provincial ace all-round KBDB provincial 2008 “Grafitti” (Deno-herbots) 1st ace great ½ Fond Brab Unie “Beckham” (Deno_Herbots) Father of 1st ace KBDB great ½ F KBDB2008(Gina) 3rd provincial Ace KBDB 2006 Grandfather 1st National Limoges 2013 1st provincial ace KBDB great ½ Fond 2012 “Lovergirl” B08-2222918 – 100% Gaby Vandenabeele Is a daughter of “Loverboy” x “Witpen Bolle” “Loverboy” B01-3031071 – original Vandenabeele Won: 1 3 5 10 19 64

Chateauroux Blois Poitiers Chateauroux Blois Chateauroux

6,334b. 1,345b. 1,429b. 7,347b. 1,972b. 4,061b.

“Witpen Bolle” B07-3008442 – original Bolle

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