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Extra information “Half-sister Gina” B05-2147596 – original Deno-Herbots The golden family of national ace “Gina” ! Is mother of “Tony Smis” “Tony Smis” won 1e S-National Montluçon 9,350b. – Fastest of 16,866b. Is a full sister of “Natalia” “Natalia” won 8th provincial ace KBDB Allround Brother of “B05-2147596”is by Leroy frères (Racour) grandfather of: 1st Argenton 289b. – 36th National Argenton 6,795b. – 5th Argenton 499b. – 8th Nevers 753b.. Is also father of (1st Bourges 816b. – 1st Chateauroux 544b. – 6th Bourges 1,991b.) and grandfather of (1st Gueret 138b. – 3rd Issoudun 363b. – 140th Bourges 1,614b.) Is a half-sister of national ace “Gina” “Gina” won:

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National ace middle distance KBDB 2008 Montlucon 3,814b. Toury 1,889b. – fastest of 4,787b. Le Mans 990b. Argenton 1,318b. Nationaal Argenton 6,177b.

Is a half-sister of “Mario” “Mario” won 8th National Limoges 24,479b. Is a half-sister of “Timmy” “Timmy” won 8th Provincial Souillac 1,678b. Is a daughter of “Bonny” x “Jewel” “Bonny” B00-2102039 – original Deno-Herbots Won: 3rd provincial ace Allround Vlaams-Brabant 1 Soissons 225b. 1 Soissons 341b. 39 Chateauroux 5,193b. 71 Chateauroux 9,630b. 205 Bourges Nationaal 15,581b. 216 Bourges 7,509b. 369 Bourges Nationaal 16,119b. Is a son of “Geschelpte Simon” x “’T Witpenneke”

“Geschelpte Simon” B94-8016702 – original Eugène Simon – base cock Father of a lot of top birds whereby “Bliksem” (1st National Cahors) and “Favoriet” (1st prov. Chateauroux). “’ T Witpenneke” B94-2499949 – original Deno-Herbots. Mother of twin “Bonny” and “Clyde”. Daughter of “De Witneus” (3rd and 26th National Bourges) Is nest-brother top breeder “Clyde” who is father of: “Lola”:

1st Argenton national 21,065b.


2nd ace European Country cup Father of “Jos”: 1st ace LCB <1/2 F


4th Argenton national


1st Argenton s/national

“Jewel” B00-2318455 – Vandersmissen Mother of “Gina”: see above “Mario”: 8 National Limoges 24,479b. “Timmy”: 8 Provincial Souillac 1,678b. Is a daughter of “Vader Jewel” x “De Princes” “Vader Jewel” B93-2189709 : 1est ace Short distance Ave Regina “De Princes” Won 12th Ace BDS ’93 – 21st National Argenton 3,477b. – 25th National Limoges 23,988b.

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