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Extra information Is a full sister of the mother of 3rd National Gueret 14,362b. Is a daughter of “Jonge Neptunus” x “Dochter Lord” “Jonge Neptunus” B07-3008500 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Is a son of “Neptunus” “Neptunus” B99-3199708 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Won: 2 8 10 15 18 21 32

Ruffec Chateauroux Blois Blois Blois Blois Ruffec

1,600b. 4,221b. 581b. 1,187b. 864b. 1,345b. 1,918b.

Is father of: “Spy”: 2nd prize final race Sun City 2010 (120,000 US dollar) “111-09”: 1st provincial Tours 2,045b. A daughter of “Neptunus” is by Johny Jonckers grandmother of “Messi” “Messi” won: 1 1 1 1 3 7 11 11 49 59 67 78 88

Pithiviers Pithiviers Bourges Interprov. Bourges Orleans National C Argenton Chateauroux Interprov. Argenton National C Bourges National C Chateauroux National C Argenton National C Bourges I National Bourges II

214b. 464b. 212b. 2,883b. 542b. 2,064b. – 2012 3,199b. – 2012 2,574b. 6,043b. 5,564b. 2,574b. 6,289b. – 2012 10,035b. – 2012

“Neptunus” is grandfather of “Jens” – De Saer Antoine en Rudy “Jens” won

1 provincial ace KBDB Short distance 2 provincial ace KBDB middle distance

Co-winner 2nd national championship KBDB Fond “B05-3177117” – mother of “New Jens” “New Jens” won 1 National Limoges 1 Arras 1 Ablis 1 Ablis

13,781b. 191b. 346b. 547b.

Is grandfather of “Fyther” by VandenBerghe Bert “Fyther” won: 1st national 5,507b Agen 2013

Is a son of “Wolfgang” x “Ballerina” “Wolfgang” B91-3204047 – original Vandenabeele Won: 3 13 19 20

Limoges Angoulème Tours Limoges

1,630b. 2,366b. 2,463b. 8,362b.

Is a full brother of “Stier” and “Turbo” Is a half-brother of “Wittenbuik” and “Bambino” Is a son of “Kleinen” x “Georgette” “Ballerina” B95-3211364 – original Vandenabeele Daughter of 1st national Limoges 1997 “Daughter Lord” B07-3008362 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Is mother of: “599-10” won: 2 5 9

Vervins Blois Vervins

202b. 2,974b. 804b.

“598-10” won: 20 20

Blois La Ferte

2,974b. 804b.

B10-2024136 Is mother of

3 nat Gueret 14,362b. in 2011 1st of 4877b from Gueret national (z)

Is mother of:

5 prov bourges 1,310b.

27 national (z) Montlucon 2,996b. 42 provincial Chateauroux 1,941b. Is grandmother of 1st provincial Bourges 1,681b (fastest of 5,772b) - 17 national Bourges 11,821b B10-2216075 (out “B07-3008500” x dochter Bliksem) is mother of B12-8009374(Thibaut-Boons) won 13th Best yearling 2013 on 6 races 1 Bourges 195b 8 1,338b 44 Montlucon 1,184b 19 Argenton 3,056b 12 La Souterraine 457b 41 Nevers 1,662b 25 Bourges 2,038b 17 Argenton 1,302b Is a daughter of “Lord Wittenbuik” x “Daughter Zorro” “Lord Wittenbuik” B98-3024819 – original Vandenabeele Is a son of “Wittenbuik” x “Lady” “Daughter Zorro” B03-3028203 – Norman Filip en Nicolas “Zorro” B94-3160128 – original Filip en Nicolas Norman. “Zorro” won o.a.: 10 11 14

international Dax 6,491b. national Limoges 16,854b. national Cahors 11,090b.

“Zorro” is without any doubt the base breeder of the Norman loft. Winners are born in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation: Famous children of “Zorro” are: “Wonder Zhora”: 6 x 1st – 1st prov. ace KBDB Great middle distance West-Flanders. “Blois duivin”: 1st Blois 1,186b. “Pinokio”: 1st Montauban – 12th national 6,711b. “Pele”: 2 x 1st Tours “Premier”: 1st Blois

“Piëtro”: 1st Blois “’T Rap”: 1st Tours 737b. “Nantes duivin”: 1st Nantes “Duo Duivin” 1st Clermont – 1st Dourdan “Fifi”: 1st prov. Vichy + 8 x 1/10 “Blauwe Zorro”: 1st Ruffec “Serge”: 1e Chartres “Petra”: 12 x 1/10 “Malvina”: 12 x 1/10 “Servaas”: 1st prov. Montélimar – 72nd nat. 10,200b. “Don Juan: 2 x 1st prize “Amor”: 1st Narbonne “Dries”: 1st Bourges “Beethoven”: 1 provincial La Souterraine “Castro”: 3 x 1st prize “Abraham”: 1st La Souterraine Famous grandchildren of “Zorro” are: “Cognac”

1 National Tulle


“Tovenaar” 2 National Limoges




5 National Tulle

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