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Extra information “Daughter Atilla’s Best” B12-2177052 – original Herbots Gebroeders Won, without doubles, 7 prizes whereby: 7 47 57

Montluçon Orleans Toury

1,634b. 570b. 2,360b.


National Montluçon


Is a daughter of “Atilla’s Best” x Daughter Kenzo” “Atilla’s Best” B08-2169895 – original Herbots Gebroeders Is a son of “Atilla” x “Belgium’s Best” “Atilla” B03-2101321 Won: 6 x 1st prijs 1 National ace BDS 1 National ace LCB 4 National La Souterraine 14 National Chateauroux 41 National Bourges

13,791b. 14,207b.

“Belgium’s Best” B04-2107226 Won

11 11

Iprovincial Nevers Iprovincial Chateauroux

1,118b. 1,357b.

“Daughter Kenzo” B09-2203852 – Herbots Gebroeders Is a daughter of “Kenzo” x “B04-2087058” “Kenzo” B04-2116092 Won

1 1 1 1 1 50

Toury Toury Toury Toury Nanteuil National Bourges

701b. 624b. 298b. 189b. 172b. 12,755b.

“B04-2087058” – ras Grondelaers – inbred to “Bourges Koppel”

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20131221 152716986752b53d32f268b