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ALLEMEERSCH – VAN PARIJS N° 71: BE13-3154665 – Professor. Blue white feather cock Son “Nantes”: father top breeding hen “Nanteke (Ace Youngsters 2009) ” The Nantes is : grandfather “Magic Man” 1 Prov. Argenton 4524d. 3 Nat. Argenton 26133d. Grandson “Poitiers”: 1 Int. Prov Poitiers 1388 d. Sire : BE07-3098606: “The Nantes”, only raced as a yougnster. He won: 1 Nantes (550km), 5 Prov. Nantes 15 Poitiers( 550km). “De Nantes” is sire van: "Het Nanteke": beste jonge duif op de LD in LDclub Beveren in 2009. 3 Nantes 8 La Souterraine, 20 Argenton “Nanteke” is mother “Magic Man”: 1 Prov. Argenton 4524d. 3 Nat.Argenton 26133d. Gr.S. : BE05-3039769: “Eenoog”, super breeder and father “Nantes” & “517-10” (Winner prize of the King from Bourges). Gr.D. : BE06-3166526: “Meidje Aelbrecht”, daughter top pair “Kleinen Aelbrecht” (grandson of the famous “Marseille”) x “Clothildeke” (mother ‘Spreeuwke’, which is mother “Uitbreker”, basic cock of the colony!). “Meidje Aelbrecht”, is mother of: “De Chateauroux” 1 Prov. Chateauroux 885d. (fastest against 4371d.) “De Nantes” father “Nanteke” and grandfather “Magic Man”. Dam : BE12-3013721: “Lady of the Night”, sister “Magic Man” (1 Prov. Argenton 4524d. & 3 Nat.Argenton 26133d.) Immediately moved to the breeding loft. Gr.S. : BE07-9017206: “The Poitiers”, super racer and breeder, breed on the loft of André Allermeersch from Pottes. Only raced as a youngster and won 1 Int. Prov Poitiers 1388 d. “The Poitiers” is father of: “599-08” 1 Souillac "Magic Man" 1 Prov. Argenton 4524d 3 Nat.Argenton 26133d. "Irish racer" 3 Ireland Emerald classic. “Lambik” Father 27 Nat. Argenton 26133d. Gr.M : BE09-3113472: “Nanteke”, is granddaughter “Uitbreker” and daughter “Nantes”. Became best youngster LD in LD-club Beveren in 2009. Is mother “Magic Man” (1 Prov. Argenton 4524d. & 3 Nat.Argenton 26133d.)

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