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ALLEMEERSCH – VAN PARIJS N° 76: BE13-3018693 – Flowerpower. Blue cock Half-brother “Geschelpte Aap”: 12 Nat. Poitiers 13133d. 2013. Grandson Spreeuwke”, mother “Uitbreker” and of several top pigeons with André Allemeersch like “Justine”, “Star 09” & “220-09”. Sire : BE08-3070415 : “Brother Uitbreker”, half-brother provincial winners and acepigeons Western-Flanders and Henegouwen! Gr.S. : BE00-4343125: “Big Daddy”, father “Uitbreker” and “Witten”. Origin André Allemeersch from Pottes. Gr.D. : BE05-3039773: “Spreeuwke”, original Allemeersch- Van Parijs but moved to André Allemeersch, where she became an exceptional breeding hen. Mother of: “De Uitbreker”: basic cock Allemeersch- Van Parijs “Justine”: 1 Prov. Ace-pig Heavy MD KBDB 2010 – André Allemeersch. 7 Nat. Ace-pig Heavy MD KDBD 2010 ‘220-09’: 1 Prov. Ace-pig Heavy MD distance KBDB – André Allemeersch. ‘Star 09’: 6 “Ace of aces’ LCB 2009 – 4x 1ste Toury – André Allemeersch. Dam : BE11-3053907: “Strong Girl”, daughter “Apollo”. Mother “Geschelpten Aap” 12 Nat. Poitiers 13133d. “Strong Girl” won: 3 Tours 23 Gueret 27 Bourges 20 La Souterraine Gr.S. : BE09-9060208: “Apollo”, breed on the loft of André Allemeersch out of “Blauwe As” x “Daughter Limoges”, and raced on the loft of Alex and Corry. Fabulous racer and breeder, which won: 1 Nantes 16 St-Junien 30 Brionne Gr.M : BE08-3070406: “Daughter Uitbreker”, daughter basic cock! She won 1ste Clermont. Mother “Strong Girl” (mother “Geschelpten Aap” - 12 Nat. Poitiers 13133d).

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