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ALLEMEERSCH – VAN PARIJS N° 88: BE13-3154662 – Hocus Pocus. Blue cock Grandson “Kleinen Aelbrecht”: top breeder to both colonies Allemeersch-Van Parys and André Allemeersch. Grandson “Nanteke”: mother “Magic Man”- 3 Nat. Argenton 26133d. Sire : BE09-3113431: “Laatje Aelbrecht”, out of “Kleinen Aelbrecht” x “Miss Jackpot”. Gr.S. : BE03-2031228: “Kleinen Aelbrecht”, grandson of the famous “Marseille. Important basic cock of the colony Allemeersch- Van Parys and father of many top pigeons with Allemeersch- Van Parys and André Allemeersch. Half-brother “Patron”: 1. Nat. Ace bird LD KBDB 2003 1. Prov. Chateauroux 1,201d. 1. Prov. Chateauroux 1,019d. 4. Prov. Tours 2,055d. 7. Nat. Zone Brive 6,727d. Gr.D. : BE08-3070412: “Miss Jackpot”, good racing- and breeding hen out of strings Allemeersch x Dierickxs-Visschers. Won 12 top prizes as a youngster. Dam : BE12-3078706: “Witpenneke”, is half-sister “Magic Man”, “De Slimmen” & “Argentonneke”. Gr.S. : BE05-3039772: “Leeuwke”, nest-brother “Spreeuwke”, mother basic cock: the “Uitbreker”. Gr.M : BE09-3113472: “Nanteke”, granddaughter “Uitbreker” and daughter “Nantes”. Became best youngster LD in the LD-club Beveren in 2009. Mother “Magic Man”: 1 Prov. Argenton 4524d. 3 Nat.Argenton 26133d

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