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Extra information “Daughter Goudhaantje” B10-6308775 – original Rudi Diels Superb hen out the coupling “Goudhaantje” x “Sister 3rd National Argenton” “Goudhaantje” B04-6105159 – original Rudi Diels Superb breeding and performing cock ! Won: 1 3 4

Olympiad bird Short distance National ace Short distance KBDB National ace Short distance KBDB

2007 2005 2006

5 x 1st prize 4 x 2nd prize 2 x 3rd prize The breeding value of “Goudhaantje” is of a very high level ! “Goudhaantje” is himself grandfather of: 1 National ace KBDB young birds middle distance 2011 1 National ace KBDB old birds middle distance 2009 by Fernand Mariën 4 National ace KBDB short distance 2009 by Herman Lenaerts Out a sister of “Goudhaantje” Bart Van Oeckel bred Olympiad bird “Miss Poznan” “Miss Poznan” won: 1 3 8

Olympiad bird Fond Poznan 2011 National ace Fond Europa Cup 2010 National ace Great middle distance KBDB ‘10

Out a brother of “Goudhaantje” Rudi Diels bred: 6th National ace middle distance KBDB 2011 Comes out the coupling “De Peet” x “Blauw Klein” “De Peet” B03-6033216 – original Rudi Diels Won: 1 1 3

ace middle distance Samenspel Beerse Noyon 2,026b. Noyon 1,441b.

“Blauw Klein” B03-6033221 – original Rudi Diels

Won: 1

ace young birds Noyon samenspel Turnhout

“Sister 3rd National Argenton” B06-6401339 – original Rudy Diels Is a full sister of 3rd National Argenton Is a daughter of “B02-6049368” x “B02-6046051” “B02-6049368” – original Rudi Diels “B02-6046051” – original Rudi Diels

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B10 630877520131011131153