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N°32 : NL-13-1939145 – cock Sire : NL-10-1822747 Boeing Dolle GS: NL-04-2209798, “Son Favoriet” Dark white feather cock out of the base of this colony GD: NL-06-1220630 Klein Groenoogske Daughter Kweker Dolle x the Super Hen Dam : NL-10-1823512 Inbreed Vlekje Inbreed Vlekje GS: NL-02-1810374, “Kaalkop Vlekje” Inbreed to the legendary “Vlekje”, which was grandson “Dolle”. GD: NL-03-1301728, “Jong Vlekje” Daughter “Witpen Vlekje” x “Wonder Vlekje”. Inbreed 2 National Dax.

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