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N°30 : NL-13-1939141 – cock Sire: NL-08-1683646, “Inbreed Kuif” Out of brother x sister “Superkweker. GS: NL-04-2209947, “Son Super Pair » The “Superkweker” was sold together with his hen to Taiwan. He’s son “Kweker Dolle” with granddaughter “Vlekje”. GD: NL-04-2209948, “Daughter Superkweker” An Aarden hen out of a super pair. Dam : NL-08-1684043 Bont Vlekje GS: NL-04-2209765, “Mister Vlekje” An excellent breeder, which looks a lot like his great grandfather ; “Vlekje”. GD: NL-03-1301796, “Dubbel Vlekje” An inbreed hen to the legendary “Vlekje”, which was grandson “Dolle”.

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