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N°25: NL-13-1939129 – cock Sire : NL-09-2085536 Jonge Vechter As well on fathers side as on mothers side he’s grandson 500 Dolle GS: NL-03-1301520, “Vechter Dolle” Out of brother x sister, a grandson and a granddaughter of the Dolle GD: NL-01-2069877, “Super Goudoogje” Nest-sister “Gepikt Oog”, a hen with beautiful purple eyes, breed out of halfbrother x half-sister Dam : NL-10-1823347 Jonge Bruinoog Daughter super breeder x super breeding hen GS: NL-01-2069812, “Son Kuif” They often offered a lot of money for this breeder but Machiel prefers him to stay on his own loft GD: NL-04-2209865, “Bruinoog Witpen” A breeding hen with the best qualities of the Van Geel-race

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