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N°23 : NL-13-1939127 – cock Sire : NL-08-1684027 Jonge Bruinoger GS: NL-03-1301764, “Kleine Bruinoger” Strings “Vlekje” and “Dolle” united. GD: NL-00-2160478, “Daughter Favoriet” Daughter of the basic pair ; “Favoriet Dolle” x “Miss Dolle”. Dam : NL-09-2085638 Golden Hen A golden breeding hen GS: NL-04-2209938, "Son Super Pair 2" An important breeder out of brother x sister GD: NL-02-1810031, “Kleine Inbreed” Inbreed “Dolle” and “Vlekje”, the 2 basic pigeons of the Van Geel-race.

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