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N°18 : NL-13-1939105 – cock Sire : NL-08-1683616 Jonge Bonte GS: NL-04-2209957, “Bonte Dolle” A fabulous breeder out of one of the best grandsons of the Dolle GD: NL-02-1810118, “Kweekster Dolle” One of the basic hens of the present generation of the Dolle-pigeons. She looks a lot like Mother Dolle Dam : NL-08-1683712 Daughter Violet Daughter of a super breeding pair of the loft of Hoogerheide GS: NL-01-2069569, “Fantast Dolle” Son “500 Dolle”, one of the best granddaughters of the Dolle GD: NL-02-1810029, “Violet Hen” Fabulous breeding hen out of a grandson and a granddaughter of the Dolle

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