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Extra information “Brother Mega Mindy” B13-6088485 – original Fens Jochen – Xander Unique opportunity to purchase a full brother of a national ace bird ! Is a full brother of “Mega Mindy” “Mega Mindy” B12-6260032 – original Fens Jochen – Xander Only raced as a young bird and won: 1st National ace middle distance young birds KBDB 2012 1 2

Angerville Angerville

279b. 1,441b.


1 5

Orleans Orleans

201b. 965b.


2 3

Marne Marne

319b. 1,451b.


2 2

Angerville Angerville

291b. 1,452b.

5 13

Angerville Angerville

191b. 1,026b.




Is a son of “B08-6298279” x “B09-6349937” “B08-6298279” – original Donckers Johan Is a son of “B06-6371268” x “B05-6328779” “B06-6371268” – Van Hove Robert (Pulle) “B05-6328779” – Won

1 1 3

Noyon 909b. Noyon 351b. Noyon 330b.

“B09-6349937” – original Fens Last daughter out the base couple “Den Oude As” (B96-6491716) x “B00-6144429”

B13 608848520130930140043  
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