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Extra information “Son Rossini” B12-5060760 – original Guido Loockx Superb offer! Son out the superb coupling “Zitter” x “Rossini” “Zitter” B05-5124148 – original Loockx Guido High class cock ! Is a full brother of “Prinses” “Prinses” won 1 1 Won: 1 2 3 7 10 58 62 76

National Bourges Montluçon

Ace S-National C. & O. Pithiviers Chateauroux Chateauroux Soissons Montluçon Argenton Argenton

14,207b. 446b.

453b. 8,216b. 1,739b. 595b. 4,028b. 2,527b. 2,662b.

Is a grandson of “Pantani” “Pantani” B96-6038445 Won: Olympiad bird Blackpool 1999 5 National ace KBDB ½ fond ‘98 5 Worldchampion V.L. ‘98 1 1 1 1

National Bourges II Provincial Bourges I Iprov. Chateauroux Soissons

“Rossini” B05-5221443 – original Loockx Guido Top hen ! Won: 1 73 162

National Argenton Nanteuil Montluçon

5,001b. 2,187b. 7,381b.

Is a granddaughter of “Lichte Pantani” x “Zohra” “Lichte Pantani” B97-6129404

10,872b. 2,936b. 1,432b. 409b.


2 5 11 25

Provincial Argenton Provincial Argenton Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Chateauroux

2,672b. 2,955b. 4,579b. 2,595b.

“Zohra” B99-5197123 Won: 1 6

Provincial La Souterraine I Provincial La Souterraine II

Is a granddaughter of “Vooruit Pantani” x “Argentonneke” “Vooruit Pantani” B99-5197110 Won: 5 x 1st prize “Argentonneke” B97-6129469 – 100% Gaby Vandenabeele Won

1 Provincial Argenton

Is a granddaughter of “Wittenbuik” – Vandenabeele

B12 506076020130913102306  
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