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Extra information “Son Hugo” B13-4227686 – original Van Vossole Wilfried Top offer ! Beautiful son out the coupling “Hugo I” x “Sister Marseille” “Hugo I” B09-4017254 – original Van Vossole Wilfried Won

1 3 243 11 21 64 65 66 83 439 697

National Marseille International Marseille Provincial Orange Libourne La Chatre Bourges Bourges Chateauroux Montélimar National Souillac National Orange

3,306b. 11,314b. 1,312b. 151b. 125b. 383b. 264b. 297b. 253b. 5,667b. 4,865b.

Is a son of “Isidoor” x “Anita” “Isidoor” B04-4064654 – original Willy Van Vossole strain: Edmond De Kerpel x Jerome Kellens Is a brother of: “De Narbonne” B02-4351017 Won 11 prizes on 11 fond races 19 33 153

National Narbonne ‘05 National Natbonne ’06 National Narbonne ’07

5,963b. 6,033b. 5,051b.

“De St. Vincent” B02-4351013 Won: 8 10 48

National Beziers Internat. Beziers National St. Vincent

5,934b. 6,602b. 5,101b.

“Anita” NL07-1766058 – original Batenburg-Van De Merwe Daughter of “Grandson Marseille” x “Granddaughter Wittenbuik” “Grandson Marseille” NL05-1338484 – original Batenburg-VD Merwe

Won: 76th National St. Vincent 5,232b. “Granddaughter Wittenbuik” NL05-1338469 – original Batenburg-VD Merwe Granddaughter base breeder “Wittenbuik” and granddaughter “Miss Bergerac”. “Sister Marseille” B07-4360369 – original Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle) Breeding hen out the coupling “Vader Marseille” x “Pau duivin” “Father Marseille” B00-3127222 – original Van Damme-Boddaert Is father of: “Monar”

1 13 52

International Marseille International Marseille National Montauban

13,779b. 13,355b. 9,091b.

“De Marseille” B01-4056720


21 46 72

National Carcasonne National Marseille National Marseille

3,911b. 4,398b. 5,738b.

4 12

National Montauban National Montauban

9,091b. 6,654b.

“Beauty Marseille” 41

National Montauban

“Pau duivin” B00-3256861 – original Van Damme-Boddaert Grandmother of: 8 9 9 10 15 19 60 75 82

Brive Cahors Narbonne Brive Narbonne Montauban Narbonne Bordeaux Narbonne

17,456b. 7,347b. 14,457b. 17,456b. 8,651b. 6,822b. 8,651b. 11,444b. 8,651b.

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B13 422768620130913102044