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Extra information “Soldier” B12-4074531 – original Etienne De Rauw Is a son of “Maurice” x “Annouck” “Maurice” B10-9039086 – original Casaert Maurice and Gregory Is a son of “Topkweker Etienne” x “Cheyenne” “Topkweker Etienne” B08-4003774 – original De Rauw Etienne Is father of: 11 26 28 57

National Argenton National Argenton National Argenton National Bourges

22,442b. 19,716b. 22,442b. 30,742b.

Is a grandson of 7th National ace KBDB Fond 2006 “Cheyenne” B05-9029062 – original Casaert Won

2nd Provincial ace ½ Fond 2005 1 Pont 427b. 4 Argenton 585b. 6 Vichy 255b.

“Annouck” B11-4101524 – original De Rauw Etienne Daughter of “Raf” x “Iris” “Raf” (4372644-05) won 8 8 24 55 94 133 143 203 340 371 564

Argenton Etampes Cahors National (z) ’09 Vierzon Limoges National National (z) Cahors Tulle National (z) National Souillac Irun National Cahors National ‘08 Vierzon

193b. 166b. 2,141b. 1,196b. 11,995b. 2,739b. 1,689b. 7,597b. 5,846b. 5,441b. 7,030b.

B12 407453120130912131104  
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