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Extra information: “Son Nelan” NL13-1654890 – original Gerard Koopman Superb cock with a promising future ! Born out the coupling “Nelan” x “Magic Victory” “Nelan” NL10-1109552 – original Gerard Koopman Is a full brother of “Miss Future” “Miss Future” is mother of “Eus” “Eus” 1 ace one-loft Belgian Master 2009 1 prize final race one-loft Belgian Master 2009 Won 53.000 euro prize money Is a son of “Mr. Wright” x “Yi-Min” “Mr. Wright” NL07-1207834 – original Gerard Koopman Is a son of “Limsa” “Limsa” NL06-1597498 – original Gerard Koopman Is mother of: “Faira” won

4 NPO Blois 6,279b. 5 Arras 7,781b.

“Maybesheisbornwithit” Top bird Million Dollar Race South Africa 2010 “Yi Min” NL98-5821450 – original Gerard Koopman Full sister “Kleine Dirk” Is mother of top hen “Amoré” “Amoré” won 1 Nationala ace One Day Fond 2002 “Amoré” is mother of top breeders like “Charley” (Sangers) – “Amore’s Dirk” (Leytens) – “Dirkje” (Jan Hooymans) “Magic Victory” NL09-1674343 – original Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “Ermerveens Hope” x “Zina” “Ermerveens Hope” NL00-4727193 – original Gerard Koopman

Won: Olympiad bird Lièvin 2003 1 1 2 2 4 6 12 20

NPO Orleans Boxtel NPO Ablis Hannut Chimay Chimay Hannut Etampes

9,188b. 2,397b. 13,020b. 4,393b. 1,000b. 4,149b. 12,455b. 9,676b.

Is grandfather of: “Estefan”: 1 NPO Pommeroeul 7,345b. “Western Man”: 4 NPO Ablis 8,519b. “Mams Jansje”: 3 National ace young bird NPO 2010 “Abelle”:

2 NPO Chantilly 12,742b. 2 NPO Troyes 6,871b. 5 NPO ABlis 10,725b.

“Zina” NL06-1597157 – original Gerard Koopman won: 2 2 9 21 45 64

national ace Fond NPO 2007 NPO Chantilly 13,008b. NPO Orleans 9,670b. NPO Blois 5,277b. Arras 9,670b. Boxtel 12,222b.

Is a full sister of “Limson” “Limson” is father of “Mams Jansje” “Mams Jansje” won 3 National ace young birds NPO “Limson” is grandfather of 1 National ace 100km – 600km Csech Republik 2011 Comes out the coupling “Deng Lin’s Favourit” x “Annelies” “Deng Lin’s Favourit” NL03-5343024 – Gerard Koopman Won: 1 8

NPO Ablis 10,609b. NPO Sourdun 13,426b.

“Annelies” NL99-5971341 – original Gerard Koopman Full sister of “Kleine Dirk” Is mother of “Magic Man” Is mother of “Zina” Is mother of “Gerard’s Favourite” Grandmother of: “Miss Wonderful”: 1 National ace One-day Fond – Fondspiegel “Daydream”: 1 NPO ABlis 8,519b. “Vakir”: “3 NPO Blois 6,279b. “Mams Jansje”: 3 National ace young birds NPO “Mr. Alennig”: 1 National NPO Blois 6,279b.

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