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Extra information “77-Brother Isa” B13-9084177 – original Senzée Jean-Pierre Is a full brother of top hen “Isa” “Isa” B10-9003607 – original Senzée Jean-Pierre Won

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National Narbonne ‘012 International Narbonne ‘012

6,583b. – 820km 13,092b.


National Tulle


Is a son out the coupling “Le Tulle” x “B08-9085649” “Le Tulle” B07-9105267 – original Scaillet Alain – raced by Senzée Top long distance cock ! Won: 54 245 290

National Tulle National Orange National Marseille

5,676b. – 575km 4,865b. 3,179b.

Is a son of “B04-9009606” x “B03-9108884” “B04-9009606” – original Kubica-Nanni (Boussoit) Breeding line “Borgne” “B03-9108884” - original Kubica-Nanni (Boussoit) Breeding line “Borgne” “B08-9085649” – original Senzée Jean-Pierre Was only raced as a young bird and won 8 prizes on 10 races Is a daughter of “B07-9105232” x “B07-9105285”

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