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Extra information “486 Boy” 13-SK-0203-486 – original Chytil Peter and Lukas Is a half-brother of “0781”: won

5th National ace Fond 2007

“176”: won

2nd Provincial ace jong 2004

Is a son of “B02-2325788” x “08-SK-0203-408” “B02-2325788” – original Herbots Gebroeders Out “Grote van Nationaal I” x “B00-5030233” “Grote van Nationaal I” B93-5069798 Direct son of “Nationaal I” (B86-6260314) “B00-5030233” – Surinx Won: 1 26 40

Lambusart National Gueret National La Souterraine

“08-SK-0203-408” – original Chytil Peter and Lukas Is a full sister of “620” “620” won

1 6

Provincial ace year birds National ace 2009

Daughter of “Son Atilla” x “02-SK-02-3020” “Son Atilla” B06-2259366 – original Herbots Gebroeders Son of “Atilla” x “Super Girl” “Atilla” B03-2101321 1st National ace KBDB middle distance 2004 “Super Girl” 03-DV-6590-391 2nd National ace Germany 3 18

Apeldoorn Rhein

12,223b. 17,476b.

“02-SK-02-3020” – original Chytil Peter and Lukas Superb performing hen


1 1 1

Eisenach Hradec Praha

793b. (560km) 1,832b. 1,002b.

Is mother of “1612” “1612” won



2,800b. – 703km

Is a daughter of “Grandson Nationaal I” x “Daughter Kennedy” “Grandson Nationaal I” B97-2457298 – original Herbots Gebr. Grandson of the world famous “Nationaal I” – Schellens “Daughter Kennedy” B98-3108929 – original Vanhee G. – M. Is a daughter of “Kennedy Prins” x “Inbred Blauwe Atoom”

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