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Extra information “410-Brother Avincii” 13-SK-0203-410 – original Chytill Peter and Lukas Is a full brother of top cock “Avincii” (11-SK-0203-1323) “Avincii” won 1 4 3 5 5 14 19

Provincial ace year birds 2012 National ace year birds 2012 Chomutov Cheb Kladno Chomutov Tachov

4,796b. 11,150b. 6,728b. 4,495b. 4,095b.

325km 380km 261km 325km 343km

Is a son of “08-SK-0203-364” x “09-SK-0203-1610” “08-SK-0203-364” – original Chytil Peter and Lukas Won

2nd Provincial ace 2010

Is a son of “B97-2457298” x “B03-2101893” “B97-2457298” – original Herbots Gebroeders Out “Grandson Poot” (half-brother “515”) x daughter “Nationaal I x 155” “B03-2101893” – original Herbots Gebroeders Full sister of 1st provincial ace young birds Fond KBDB ‘03 Is a granddaughter of the worldfamous “Nationaal I” – Schellens “09-SK-0203-1610” – original Chytil Peter and Lukas Is a half-sister of “Super Million Junior” “Super Million Junior” 10-SK-0203-712 Won

Olympiad bird Nitra 2013 – cat H 1 2 3 4 6 8 23 24

Gotha Chomutov Chomutov Tachov Chomutov Humplec Kladno Cheb

4,103b. 4,632b. 5,918b. 4,095b. 4,796b. 1,910b. 6,728b. 11,150b.

Is a daughter of “Son Atilla” x “Mother 712” “Son Atilla” B06-2259366 – original Herbots Gebroeders Son of “Atilla” x “Super Girl” “Atilla” B03-2101321 1st National ace KBDB middle distance 2004 “Super Girl” 03-DV-6590-391 2nd National ace Germany 3 18

Apeldoorn Rhein

12,223b. 17,476b.

“Mother 712” B04-2302670 – original Herbots Gebroeders Mother of “712” “712” won silver medal Olympiad Nitra Cat. H Is a daughter of the brother of “Number 1” “Number 1” won 1st National ace middle distance KBDB ‘99