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Extra information “Blauwe Bert” NL09-1699038 – original Trompetter A wonder on wings ! Won 32 prizes, without doubles, whereby 9 x 1/100: 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 11 12 20 20 26 34 38 43 50 69 79 98 116 226 937 1.707

Wijchen Meer Boxtel Isnes Den Bosch Hazeldonk Pommeroeul Maaseik Pommeroeul Duffel Boxtel Pommeroeul Hasselt St. Truiden Boxtel Gennep Isnes St. Truiden St Truiden Hasselt Boxtel Wijchen Pommeroeul

20,020b. 411b. 13,000b. 1,695b. 463b. 18,650b. 354b. 1,065b. 1,810b. 2,725b. 2,354b. 1,732b. 347b. 759b. 1,247b. 2,290b. 991b. 948b. 2,294b. 2,449b. 2,351b. 23,159b. 18,593b.

Is a full brother of top hen “Heidi” “Heidi” NL09-1699039 Won: 1st ace young birds Afdeling Friesland 6th best young bird of The Netherlands in the national competition WHZB 1 3 6 6 7 10 21

Heteren Isnes Gennep Hasselt Boxtel Pommeroeul St. Quentin

323b. 301b. 366b. 347b. 347b. 253b. 221b.

Is a son of “DV03970-02-1111” x “Daughter Blauwe Crack”

“DV03970-02-1111” – original Heidemann W. en B. Is a full brother of 2nd National ace CFB Father of top birds “Blauwe Bert” and “Heidi”: information see above “Daughter Blauwe Crack” – original Heidemann W. en B. Mother of top birds “Blauwe Bert” and “Heidi”: information see above Is a daughter of “De Blauwe Crack” x “Sister Blauwe As” “De Blauwe Crack” NL97-2234532 Won: 1 2 2

against 19,445b. against 16,257b. against 7,849b.

Is father of “628” “628” won

1 2

against 29,045b. against 14,359b.

“Sister Blauwe As” B05-6045432 – original Heremans-Ceusters Full sister of “Blauwe As” “Blauwe As” won:

1 Ace Hafo-Turnhout jaarse ‘04 2 Nat. ace Middle Distance Ave Regina ‘04

Is a daughter of “Platschijter” x Joske”

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