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Extra information “Sister Lina” DV08228-12-775 – original Herbots-Heller Full sister of high class hen “Lina” “Lina” DV08228-08-640 won, and this after het loftmate with a difference of only 18 seconds, 2 2

National Tarbes International Tarbes

1,731b. 12,849b.

Is a half-sister of “807-09” “807-09” won 13 31 44 57 170

National (z) Barcelona ‘011 National Barcelona ‘011 National (w) Marseille Iprov. Bordeaux National London (Olympic race)

663b. 1,921b. 900b. 2,458b. 1,972b.

Is a daughter out the coupling “NL06-1301886” x “NL05-0516484” “NL06-1301886” – original Klessens-De Lepper (Eindhoven) Is a grandson of “Donkere Barcelona” (NL91-2579212) of Anton Van Haaren “Donkere Barcelona won:

20 national Barcelona 63 national Barcelona 71 national Barcelona 71 national Barcelona 1st national ace Barcelona 1994-1989

Is a grandson of “NL98-9871590” x “Daughter Monique” “NL98-9871590” – original Cor de Heijde Grandson 1st National Perpignan

“NL05-0516484” – original B. en Co Jansen Daughter of “NL05-0516442” x “NL03-0327489” “NL05-0516442” – original Janssen B and Co. Son of “Perpignan duivin” “Perpignan duivin” won:

16 17 20

National Perpignan National Perpignan National Pau

Grandson 3rd National Pau “NL03-0327489” – Out “De Marseille” x “Daughter Lady Perpignan”