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Extra information “Nikita” NL11-1758808 – original Combinatie Anders High class hen with an impressive result list. Won without doubles 18 prizes whereby: 1 3 9 17 17 61 171 186 187 169 236 458 535 614

Strombeek Peronne Nijvel Lille Duffel St. Job Moeskroen Pommeroeul Grimbergen Peronne Peronne Nijvel Nanteuil Peronne

5,443b. 11,284b. 4,738b. 14,159b. 2,623b. 1,858b. 3,677b. 5,461b. 2,270b. 9,730b. 16,920b. 5,997b. 9,689b. 9,251b.

131km 267km 166km 197km 109km 84km 175km 191km 126km


Is a daughter of “NL10-1428710” x “NL10-1428701” “NL10-1428710” – original H. Kroon Son of “Black Boy” x “NL08-1637700” “Black Boy” NL07-1599840 – original Peter Van de Merwe Son of “NL08-1637700” “NL08-1637700” is half-sister of 9th National Blois and halfsister 2nd National NPO Blois “NL08-1637700” – original Gebr. Van Est is half-sister of 9th National Blois and half-sister 2nd National NPO Blois “NL10-1428701” – Van de Merwe x Rijders Is a daughter of “De Beer” x “Daughter 148” “De Beer” NL07-1499841 – original Peter van De Merwe Son “Asduifje” (NL06-1073355): 1st ace young birds ’06 Drechtsteden. Grandson “Demi” NL00-5054117 “Demi” won:

3rd best young bird WHZB 2000 1st Ablis 416b.

4th 3rd 4th 10th Is mother of

Ablis Niergnies Pont Pont

4,096b. 496b. 479b. 2,828b.

1st ace young birds Drechtsteden 2006 5th NPO national Peronne

“Daughter 148” NL04-1827184 – original Kees Rijnders Daughter of “NL92-2649782” x “NL99-2086148” “NL92-2649782” : 1 St. Ghislain 917b. “NL99-2086148”: Won: 14 14 24

against 2,594b. against 2,836b. against 1,202b.

Is nest-sister of “147” “147” won 9 x 1st

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