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Extra information “Catherine” B11-2204308 : Superb 2-year old hen born out the two famous breeding lines of De Rauw-Sablon namely “Topkweker Freddy” and “Daughter Limoges” “Topkweker Freddy” B10-5020118 – original Pros Roosen Is a full brother of: “104-94”: 1st prov. Bourges 9,503b. 1e La Souterraine 2,354b. Is father of: “Kastar”

1 18 52

Noyon 143b. La Souterraine 14,957b. Limoges 16,504b.

2 4 11

Vierzon prov. 6,938b. Bourges nat. 12,754b. – 2005 Bourges nat. 10,759b. - 2006

15 73 84

Argenton Chateauroux Bourges

“Blauwe Prins”


7,452b. 6,832b. 12,161b.

“Dromer” is grandfather of: “Miss Maniwan” – Koopman 1e nat. St. Vincent 25,870b. “Cornelis” - Koopman 1e internat. Limoges ‘10 “Blue Ace”: 2nd national ace Fond KBDB ’07 by Erik Limbourg The worldfamous cock of “Bak 17” – Aelbrecht Marcel.

“Daughter Limoges” B03-4290001 Direct daughter out “De Limoges” x “Daughter De Marseille” “De Limoges” B91-4261261 Is a son of the base couple “Albert” x “Paola”

Is grandfather of: “Lucky 85” : 1st National ace KBDB Fond 2006 - Limbourg World-famous “Dromer” – De Rauw-Sablon “Brother Dromer 903”: father of 1st national ace KBDB Fond 2005 “Mr Expensive”: father of 1 National Orleans 9,670b. – Koopman “Daughter De Marseille” B02-4333309 Daughter of “ De Marseille” (B93-4429362) x “Fijn Blauw” (B98-4185270) Famous children of “Marseille” x “Fijn Blauw” are: “Super Marseille” Won: 30 national Brive 20,310b. 65 national Cahors 6,654b. 86 national Cahors 9,275b. “Crack 308” Won:

16 national Cahors 9,275b. 31 national Brive 20,310b. 34 national Argenton 17,010b. 62 national Brive 7,446b. 98 national Limoges 13,502b.

“Favoriet Marseille”: 52 national Montélimar 7,873b. “015-00”

24 national Beziers 2003

“309-02” Won: 54 national Argenton 17,010b. 198 national La Souterraine 13,709b. “Jonge Marseille” Won: 238 national Montauban 6,187b. Famous grandchildren are: “Patron” Won:

1 national ace KBDB Fond 2003 1 provincial Chateauroux 1,201b. 1 provincial Chateauroux 1,019b. 4 provinciaal Tours 2,055b. 7 nationale zone Brive 6,727b.

“049-01” Won:

21 national Marseille 5,864b. 33 national Beziers 3,539b. 68 national Perpignan 7,611b.

“De Irun” Won:

32 national Irun 5,846b. 3 Bourges 169b. 8 Chateauroux 450b.

“De St. Vincent” Won:

22 national St. Vincent 6,521b. 218 national Argenton 14,534b. 247 national La Soutteraine 13,965b. 483 national Gueret 10,670b.

“Grandson Marseille” Won:

1 national zone Argenton 5,803b.

“Rhone Man” Won:

Co-winner national kampioenschap Fond 2006 KBDB 16 provincial Argenton 6,269b. 115 national Aurillac 6,611b.

“Witpen 502-06” Won:

3 Dourdan 258b. 9 Chateauroux 308b.