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Extra information: “Beau” B11-4101586 – original De Rauw Etienne Direct out the best of the best of De Rauw Etienne ! Is a son of “Blauwen Bijter” x “Furie” “Blauwen Bijter” B04-4375938 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Became 20th National ace Rhône Valley Won

in 2006: 264 1003 1092

National Souillac National Brive National Limoges

6,475b. 9,466b. 13,581b.

National Orange National Montélimar National Irun

6,035b. 7,873b. 5,846b.

In 2007: 156 639 646

Is a son of “B00-4270071” x “B97-4263008” “B00-4270071” – 100% De Rauw-Sablon Is a half-brother of 1st National Perpignan ’98 by Marcel Aelbrecht Is a half-brother van 8th National Cahors by De Rauw-Sablon Is a son van “Ijzeren” (B93-4392044) x “B96-4391910” (De RauwSablon) “Furie” B05-4372655 Was coupled to the 7th National ace KBDB Fond and became mother of “150-06” Is a daughter of “B04-4019935” x “B04-4295642” “B04-4019935”: original Marcel Aelbrecht – Grandson “De Marseille” “B04-4295642”: De Graeve-Van Geert x De Rauw-Sablon

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