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Extra information “Ben” B10-4210645 – original De Rauw Etienne Superb cock out the coupling “Désiré” x “Mona-Lisa” “Désiré” B07-4067933 – original De Rauw Etienne Son of “B05-4130422” x “Daughter Limoges” “B05-4130422” – 100% De Rauw-Sablon Full brother of “B05-4130421” “B05-4130421” won Co-winner 1st General National Champion KBDB 2006 by Marcel Aelbrecht. 45 231 441 905

National (z) Limoges National Orange National Montélimar National Vichy

5,571b. 6,035b. 7,873b. 11,022b.

3 5 5

Dourdan Chateauroux Dourdan

246b. 450b. 122b.

Is a half-brother of “Patron” “Patron”: 1 National ace Fond 2003 Is a half-brother of “935-04” “935-04”: 7 National ace Fond 2006 Is a son of top breeder “B96-4391970” x “Daughter Perpignan” “Daughter De Limoges” B03-4290001 Is mother of “Goede Blauwe” – Marcel Aelbrecht “Goede Blauwe B04-4019932 won: 1 10 36 40 113

Bourges National Aurillac Provincial Argenton National Souillac National Limoges

1,069b. 6,611b. 6,269b. 6,475b. 17,456b.

Is a daughter of “De Limoges” x “Daughter Marseille” “De Limoges” B91-4261261

Is a son of the base couple “Albert” x “Paola” Is grandfather of: “Lucky 85” : 1st National ace KBDB Fond 2006 - Limbourg World-famous “Dromer” – De Rauw-Sablon “Brother Dromer 903”: father of 1st national ace KBDB Fond 2005 “Mr Expensive”: father of 1st National Orleans 9,670b. – Koopman “Daughter Marseille” B02-4333309 – original Aelbrecht “Marseille”- base breeder by Aelbrecht Marcel Won: 33 nat Marseille ‘97 60 nat. Marseille ‘98 Is father of: “Super Marseille” : 30 national Brive 65 national Cahors 86 national Cahors “Crack 308” 16 national Cahors 31 national Brive 34 national Argenton 62 national Brive 98 national Limoges

“Mona-Lisa” B07-4067925 – original De Rauw Etienne Daughter of “B04-4375943” x “Marie-Lou” “B04-4375943” – original Marcel Aelbrecht Won: 20 34

National (z) Brive National (z) Souillac

2,780b. 2,304b.

Is a son of “De Perpignan” “De Perpignan” B97-4263065 won:

1 1 19

Vierzon National (z) Cahors National Perpignan

1,395b. 3,476b. 5,852b.

“Marie-Lou” B06-4126137 Daughter of “Grandson Marseille” x “Daughter Barcelona” (De Graeve-Van Geert).

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