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Extra information “Kamiel” B10-4210631 – original Etienne De Rauw Sublime cock out the coupling “Ramses” x “Nadia” “Ramses” B06-4126138 – original Etienne De Rauw Won: 44 44 54 148

Chateauroux Chateauroux Argenton Souillac

1,055b. 906b. 972b. 2,601b.

Comes out the coupling “Paul” x “Daughter Limoges” “Paul” B04-4295650 – original De Graeve-Van Geert Half-brother of 1st National Limoges 2006 Out sister 6th national ace Fond KBDB 2004 75% strain De Rauw-Sablon “Daughter De Limoges” B03-4290001 Is mother of “Goede Blauwe” – Marcel Aelbrecht “Goede Blauwe B04-4019932 won: 1 10 36 40 113

Bourges National Aurillac Provincial Argenton National Souillac National Limoges

1,069b. 6,611b. 6,269b. 6,475b. 17,456b.

Is a daughter of “De Limoges” x “Daughter Marseille” “De Limoges” B91-4261261 Is a son out of the base couple “Albert” x “Paola” Is grandfather of: “Lucky 85” : 1 National ace KBDB Fond 2006 Limbourg World famous “Dromer” – De Rauw-Sablon “Brother Dromer 903”: father of 1st national ace KBDB Fond 2005

“Mr Expensive”: father of 1 National Orleans 9,670b. – Koopman “Daughter Marseille” B02-4333309 “Marseille”- basis breeder by Aelbrecht Marcel Won: 33 national Marseille ‘97 60 national Marseille ‘98 Is father of: “Super Marseille” : 30 national Brive 65 national Cahors 86 national Cahors “Crack 308” 16 national Cahors 31 national Brive 34 national Argenton 62 national Brive 98 national Limoges “Nadia” B08-4003711 – original De Rauw Etienne Went immediately to the breeding loft. Is a daughter of “Blauwen Bijter” x “Furie” “Blauwen Bijter” B04-4375938 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Became 20th Ace National Rhone Vallei “Furie” B05-4372655 Was coupled to the 7th national ace Fond KBDB and became father of “150-06” Is a daughter of “B04-4019935” x “B04-4295642” “B04-4019935”: original Marcel Aelbrecht “B04-4295642”: De Graeve-Van Geert x De Rauw-Sablon