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Extra information “Conchita” B06-4169355 – original Frans Sablon Won

23 45 52 67 118 160

Dourdan Dourdan Dourdan Argenton Gueret La Souterraine

300b. 130b. 300b. 207b. 404b. 637b.

Is a daughter of “Young Frans” x “Sunshine” “Young Frans” - B03-4146039 – Vandenheede x De Rauw-Sablon Is a brother of: “Shaggy 070/02” (mother of 4 provincial ace KBDB great middle distance 06) “Super Love” (mother of 101st national Gueret ’06 against 10,670b.) Is a son of “De Frans” x “Zohra” “Frans” B94-4421875 – original De Rauw-Sablon Brother of 2nd national ace KBDB Fond and of “De Limoges” Son of dream couple “Albert” x “Paola” “Zohra” B99-4066126 – original Vandenheede Won: 4 12 12 19

Dourdan Dourdan Dourdan Dourdan

309b. 402b. 438b. 360b.

Very good breeding hen “Sunshine” - B03-4318353 – Aelbrecht x De Graeve-Van Geert Is a sister of “B02-4025245” “B02-4025245” is father of “Barcelona” (B03-4316031) “Barcelona” Won:

2 7 23 49 121 136 246

Dourdan zonal Brive Chateauroux Argenton national Brive national Aurrilac national Perpignan

360b. 2,780b. 743b. 755b. 9,466b. 6,611b. 5,547b.

423 581 598

national Barcelona national Dax national Perpignan

12,612b. 4,534b. 7,611b.

Is a daughter of “B95-4212555” x “Daughter Smallen” “B95-4212555” is a grandson of ace bird couple “Albert” X “Paola” is father of 2nd national Cahors “Daughter Smallen” - B00-4066077 is a half-sister of “Blue Ace”: 7th national ace fond KBDB ’99. Is a daughter of 1st ace FCD ‘99

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