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Extra information “Son Pauli” NL09-5915946 – original Vredeveld-Leemhuis Born out the coupling “Pauli” x “NL04-2244117” “Pauli” B06-5188444 – original Paul Huls Is a grandson of “Monnik” “Monnik” won 1 3 5 16 192 136

Orleans Orleans Melun Melun La Ferte Nanteuil

330b. 12,989b. 3,379b. 3,023b. 6,883b. 6,005b.

Is a grandson of “Crissie” “Crissie” B95-3336674 – original Antoon and Hilde Reynaert Is the mother of the worldfamous “Figo” Won: 1 3

National Bourges 12,266b. National ace KBDB Great middle distance ‘01

“NL04-2244117” – original Martin van Zon Daughter of “Witte Veder” x “002” “Witte Veder” NL99-2363662 won: 5 5

Pont Bourges

2,145b. 1,302b.

“002” NL94-2781002 – original Martin van Zon “002” is the sister of “De Manke” “De Manke” is grandfather of “Sunstar”: 1st national Morlincourt 19,553 young birds.